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Sunday, October 8, 2023
ISSUE #1177
Israel Attacked by Barbarians. New Border Wall. Changing Democrats and De-programing Republicans. Columbus Day.

Iran’s surrogates, Hamas Islamic terrorists, attacked Israel. They intentionally targeted civilians, killing men, women, and children, and dragged hostages back into the Gaza Strip. As I write this, more than 700 Israelis have been killed, plus a few American and European citizens.

Iran deserves the blame and condemnation. Hamas has no legitimate income. Their weapons and training come from Iran. So, where does Iran get all this excess cash they give to Hamas? From selling oil. You may say, “I thought we put sanctions on Iran, preventing them from selling any oil.” Unfortunately, that ended when Trump lost in 2020.

But now, according to Bloomberg News, Iran exports 1,400,000 barrels per day, mostly to China. So, since President Biden appeased Iran by removing sanctions, they have made about $100 Billion from oil exports. A hundred Billion dollars can pay for thousands of missiles, drones and conventional weapons, and recruit, train and equip thousands of Hamas terrorists, not to mention Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon.

Israel will try to annihilate Hamas. Even if they kill all the terrorists, Iran will keep recruiting and arming Palestinians. The main hope is to strangle the Iran economy.

Here’s a question: why isn’t the Gaza Strip, with 25 miles of beachfront property on the Mediterranean, a wealthy country? Compare it to 25 miles of beachfront in South Florida.

President Biden will reluctantly allow 20 miles of new border wall to be built in Texas. When asked, he said it would not help stop illegal immigration. Don’t assume it will be built like the 30-ft Trump wall. It will be built in rural Starr County where very few immigrants cross the Rio Grande. To make sure it doesn’t help, they might build a mile at a time, with a wide gap between each section.

The Democrat Party has changed. They used to depend on strong support from middle class workers, members of labor unions, government employees, minorities, and low-income folks.  But now, based on peculiar actions and rulings by elected Democrats, the favorite constituents are shoplifters, repeat criminals, and illegal immigrants. Do they really believe that’s the way to win elections?

Hillary Clinton, the Democrat nominee for President in 2016, announced in a TV interview that she wants to “de-program” voters who voted against her. I guess she wants to de-program Americans who prefer energy independence, gas-powered cars, good jobs, low inflation, smaller government, low mortgage rates, merit-based immigration, and schools that respect parents’ desires.

Tomorrow, because it’s Monday, we celebrate Columbus Day. (It’s actually Oct. 12 because that’s the date in 1492 when Columbus landed on an island in the Caribbean.) A few years ago, someone who dislikes honoring Christopher Columbus decided tomorrow should be called Indigenous Day. I guess it refers to the Stone Age people and the Moundbuilders. They apparently migrated to White Sands, New Mexico more than 20,000 years ago, according to recently discovered footprints. So, walking from Asia they beat Columbus and his 3 Spanish sailboats by about 19,000 years. (see quotes below)

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

      “St. Augustine, Florida [is] dating all their time from when Columbus and those gangs from Europe commenced to squat in this country. Why this country out here [New Mexico] was established so long ahead of that back there, that they were like a bunch of Tourists visiting a country after these old Pioneers out here had blazed the trail far ahead of that Columbus bunch. Why, if Columbus had landed at Galveston and marched inland to Santa Fe, New Mexico he would have been met by the Cliff Dwellers commercial Club, a delegation of modern ‘Red men of the world,’ and the Aztecs Rotary… Columbus would have remarked, ‘Pardon me gentlemen! I didn’t discover a Country, I am just over here paying my respects from a young country, to an older one.’ Every guy thinks the first time he sees anything, that that is the first time it ever existed.” WA #222, March 13, 1927

      “Do you know that Claremore, Oklahoma, is going to open the only Indian hospital in the United States?… You know Columbus discovered this country about 400 years ago, and it took 400 years for the Government to build a hospital for the Indians.  Look what the Indians have got to look forward to in the next 400 years.  They are liable to build us a cemetery or something.” Radio, Apr. 27, 1930


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