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Sunday, October 6, 2019
ISSUE #988
Just the Facts, Ma’am
(Before I get into “Weekly Comments” let me wish Bernie Sanders a full recovery from his heart attack. I hope he can participate in the Presidential debate October 15, even if he has to sit down. In fact, put him and the other dozen candidates in rocking chairs. Arrange it like they are sitting on the front porch of a farm house. To borrow a phrase from my friend Jeanne Robertson, the audience could have a rockin’ good time.)

Don’t you agree? Our brains are being overloaded with opinions, innuendos, rumors, outright lies, cheap shots and tall tales.

Therefore, I am gonna give you FACTS, and only FACTS.

Concerning all the hot topics – Impeachment, Immigration, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Iran, Ukraine, Biden, Schiff, Trump, Pelosi, Global Warming, Red Meat – below is a list of facts that absolutely everyone agrees on one hundred percent. Whether Democrat, Republican, Independent, Agnostic, Muslim, Methodist, Californian, Kansan, Navajo, Cherokee, Male, Female, or rather not say.

Here is my complete list of undisputed facts:

Have a good day.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:  

“The remark you make must be founded on facts. You can exaggerate and make it ridiculous, but it must have the plain facts in it. Then you will hear the audience say: ‘Well, that’s pretty near right.’”  How to be Funny, July 1917

“Why don’t they limit (radio stations) to how many rumors they can broadcast without any single iota of facts.” DT #2231, Sept. 27, 1933


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