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Sunday, February 24, 2019
ISSUE #963
Korean on a train, Mueller on Trump, and a Montana deal

Can you believe it? North Korea Dictator Kim Jong Un is following Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez’ Green New Deal plan. Instead of flying to his meeting with President Trump in Vietnam, he is on a train. May take 3 days, but he’s not burning jet fuel or leaving those disgusting “chemtrails” in the sky.

The Mueller report on Russian influence on our 2016 election is expected to come out in a couple of weeks. They have been investigating whether Putin helped elect Donald Trump almost since the day he walked down Pennsylvania Avenue as the new President. I have a suggestion. Regardless of whether Trump is guilty or not guilty, turn in a report on ONE PAGE.  They already spent over $30 million; don’t waste any more printing a report on 2000 pages.

If Trump conspired with Putin to have the Russians add a million votes in the essential Midwest states in return for a gift of a billion dollars’ worth of apartments from the Kushner Company, then it only takes one page to say that.

If Trump had absolutely no assistance from Putin or any other Russian in winning the 2016 election, then why use more than a page to say so.

The National debt hit $22 Trillion, and is increasing about a trillion every year. Some comedian in New York started a petition to sell the state of Montana to Canada for $1 Trillion, applied to the debt. So far he’s got 200,000 people to sign the petition, but only 97 from Montana. And none from Canada. I rather doubt Canada will come up with a Trillion, or even a down payment. However, if this idea works out to cover one year’s deficit, maybe next year we can peddle Maine to Iceland.

As I write this, the Academy Awards are on television. Will Rogers was the MC for the 6th year of the awards, in 1934. He was never nominated for an Academy Award even though he was the top money-maker for the movies for a few years. He joked with those folks during the show, and tonight I agree with him on this comment, “I have never seen any of these pictures. They don’t look at mine and why should I go see theirs?”

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

[Concerning a proposal to annex Canada] “Canada is principally an Agricultural country and we raise more now than the farmers down home can sell for enough to put in the next year’s crop. About the only thing I can think of we could use it for would be a skating rink in the winter and we got such a poor class of Skaters that we couldn’t hardly afford to maintain it just for that. Unless we could trade in Wisconsin on it some way I can’t see any reason for annexing it.”  WA #201, Oct. 17, 1926

“A couple of weeks ago I had to cover pretty much the whole state of Montana and it’s some state, third in size. I found a fine flyer with his own plane and just kept him with me all week and we flew everywhere.” WA #227, Apr. 27, 1927


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