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Sunday, July 20, 2014
ISSUE #803
Leadership Lacking

For those Americans who figured the fighting in Ukraine never mattered to us, think again. Putin has treated us like fools ever since he took over in Russia. This spring he stole Crimea, an area as big as New York and Pennsylvania. He then moved Russian soldiers and KGB leaders into the eastern part of what’s left of Ukraine. The world stood by quietly while the Russians in eastern Ukraine shot down three airplanes in a week. Only when they shot down a fourth plane, a Boeing 777 with 298 people onboard, did anyone notice. Putin is the person responsible for killing those people, and he’s the only one who can end the war in Ukraine.

If you’re confused by the battle between Israel and Gaza, consider this comparison. Gaza is one-tenth the size of Rhode Island. Suppose Islamic terrorists took over one small corner of Rhode Island and started firing a few dozen rockets every day into Massachusetts. Would we complain if Boston decided to fight back, and maybe wipe out a few hundred terrorists? Would Secretary of State John Kerry rush to Martha’s Vineyard to insist on a cease fire?

Immigrants from Central America continue to pour across the Rio Grande. President Obama announced a proposal to spend almost $4 Billion to take care of ‘em. His announcement, translated into Spanish, means “Welcome to America, future citizens. I have set aside more than $50,000 for each child for food, clothing, medical care, and a hotel with a pool.” That’s not what he said, but it’s what they heard.

Here’s a suggestion: Any Congressman that votes in favor of the $4 Billion appropriation will get a proportional share of the immigrants dropped into his district. One huge group should be sent to Nancy Pelosi’s neighborhood in San Francisco.

With the recent outbreak of catastrophes, would you like advance notice of the next one? Well, here’s a surefire way to predict it: check the President’s schedule for speaking at Democratic fund raisers. The middle of this week, he will be in Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles, so be prepared!

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

    “Russia is a country that looks like it was invented for arguments’ sake.” Notes, undated.

  “It’s great to be friendly with a foreign nation, but it’s terribly expensive. If the worst comes to worst, and we do have to be friendly with any of ‘em, why, let’s pick out little ones that haven’t got the nerve to ask for much.” Saturday Evening Post, Feb. 27, 1932

  “A statesman is a man that can do what the politician would like to do but can’t, because he is afraid of not being elected.” DT #2472,  July 5, 1934


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