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Sunday, April 10, 2022
ISSUE #1106
Let’s Laugh a Little. Otherwise, We Would Cry

April is National Humor Month. As Will Rogers wrote in 1931, “Get a few laughs, do the best you can, take nothing serious.” For this column, let’s ignore serious problems here at home and in Ukraine. And believe me, they are serious.

We’re always learning new words. President Biden’s spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, has to be precise with statements and answers to reporters’ questions. Commenting on immigrants who illegally entered, she said they ‘irregularly’ entered. I guess they gave up on getting us to call them ‘undocumented.’ Now they are just ‘irregular.’

Congress got word that the Texas Governor is sending 900 busloads of ‘irregular’ immigrants to Washington, DC. So, they decided to leave town for two weeks. All except Congresswoman Maxine Waters. She will stay to meet the buses and tell ‘em, “I want everybody to go home.”

Sorry, Maxine, the homeless you told to go home last week in Los Angeles didn’t go home. And neither will these folks. They will all want to camp out on the Mall, right there in front of the Capitol and the White House. Those 900 buses can transport about 35,000 of ‘em. To be representative, among the 35,000, there should be a few hundred MS-13 gang members with pockets full of fentanyl.

President Biden hasn’t decided how to handle 35,000 Mall campers. He has been letting Governors deal with the 3,000,000,000 who crossed the border since he took office. With the expected surge next month, if Governor Abbott can round up enough buses and drivers, the President can expect 35,000 more every two days. Imagine a Memorial Day celebration on the Mall with a million ‘irregulars.’ And all of them talking on their free cell phones. It’ll be a regular ‘irregular’ Tower of Babel. (Genesis 11:1–9)

The folks who run Disney decided to take on the Governor of Florida. They declared, “If you won’t let teachers show and tell 5-year-olds all about LGBTQIA, then we’ll do it. We’ll slip it into kid’s cartoons and parents won’t ever know.” Well, I kinda doubt if Walt would approve. In 1933, Will Rogers wrote this about his friend, “We were all down to a mighty fine dinner they gave to Walter Disney.  He is the Sire and Dam of that gift to the world, ‘Mickey Mouse.’”  I’m darned sure those Disney folks today would demand I replace “Sire and Dam” with “birthing person.”

Exactly a hundred years ago, a high government official accepted a bribe to give two friends a special deal on a valuable resource owned by the federal government. That act did not bring down President Harding, but it ruined his reputation. Today we’re wondering if special financial deals over many years for the current President’s family members might force Biden to resign.

The scandal of 1922 was called the Teapot Dome. The Secretary of the Interior secretly leased oil rights from government petroleum reserves in Wyoming and California to Harry Sinclair and Edward Doheny in exchange for cash gifts. I’m sure those cash gifts were nowhere near the $20,000,000 the Bidens have reportedly received from China, Ukraine and Russia.  If the Biden Clan can avoid convictions until Jan. 20, 2025, the “Big Guy” and his family will leave the White House laughing…. all the way to the bank.

Concerning laughter, Greg Kozera, a good friend and fellow professional speaker, wrote that laughter is good for our health. He suggested turning off the News for a while and watching reruns of The Beverly Hillbillies. I also love those old shows, like The Real McCoys, Green Acres, and Petticoat Junction. One thing about Jed Clampett and the Beverly Hillbillies: there will be a few people who will refuse to watch it because they can’t stand the idea of anyone becoming rich from oil.

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

“With the politicians horning in, our comedian business is overcrowded.” WA #524, Jan. 1, 1935


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