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Sunday, January 26, 2020
ISSUE #1002
Longing for truth; losing a basketball hero

Columbus: While the Impeachment trial continues in the Senate, the Democratic campaign will reach a milestone in the next couple of weeks. The Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary often narrow the field of candidates.

This year may be different. Look only at the number of delegates earned by each of the top 4 or 5 candidates. Those numbers will be small with very little difference between them.

As the Nevada and South Carolina wrap up February primaries, we may be surprised how few delegates each candidate has.

A challenge for all candidates, including Trump, and the Impeachment lawyers is to stick to facts. Tell the truth. Or when expressing an opinion, make sure your audience can hear the opposite side, too. Give folks information so they can think it through and make fair decisions.

Kobe Bryant died today when his Sikorsky helicopter crashed, killing all 9 on board. Undoubtedly, you know about the tragedy. Jerry West was the General Manager of the Lakers who made a deal so the 17 year-old Bryant could be drafted and play in Los Angeles. Today West said, “He was like a son to me. This is a God-awful day.”

I want to emphasize a quote by Kobe. In an interview at the end of his last game after 20 years as a Los Angeles Laker (April 2016), he said he wanted to be remembered as a “talented overachiever.” (I had the) “talent but I WORKED AS IF I HAD NONE.”  Wow. Imagine if those of us with average talent worked as if we had none. Think of all we could accomplish collectively!

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“It’s only the inspiration of those who die that makes those who live realize what constitutes a useful life.” DT #2056, March 7, 1933

“The less a voter knows about you, the longer he is liable to vote for you.  I think you will find that campaigns have ruined more men than they have ever made.” Life magazine, Oct. 28, 1928

“With the elections coming on you are going to be fed up with a lot of hooey about a lot of things. Naturally the [candidates] are to put their best ‘side’ forward. They are just trying now to figure out which side is their best.” WA #492, May 29, 1932

“You can’t beat an Administration by attacking it. You have to show some plan of improving on it.” WA #101, July 26, 1928

“I don’t know of any quicker way in the world to be forgotten in this country than to be defeated for President.”  WA #382, July 6, 1924


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