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Sunday, May 16, 2021
ISSUE #1063
Mask Tossers, Russian Hackers, and Gasoline Hoarders

We got big news out of Washington. Huge. No, it was not a decision to finish the 30-foot wall on our Mexican border. It was not an announcement to finish the Keystone XL pipeline. And it was not a streamlined Trillion-dollar Infrastructure bill.

It was still huge, even though President Biden did not announce it the way I suggested two weeks ago, “remove mask, hold it high, strike a match, light it on fire, and let it burn.”

But the President finally admitted what most of the country figured out months ago: Get vaccinated, toss the mask. (Unless you choose to wear one.)

And outside, in wide open spaces, they finally admitted it is almost impossible to “catch Covid.” Originally our CDC said, “less than 10%” of patients got Covid from an infected person outside. Last week they admitted it is quite a bit less than 10%. Yes, 0.1%.

And inside, if you have been vaccinated (or recovered from Covid), toss the mask. Maybe Speaker Pelosi will allow our Representatives in Congress to remove their masks. But the way a few have been acting lately, they might want to keep their faces hidden.

Do you remember the warning about touching anything because a person with Covid might have touched it earlier? Wear gloves when pumping gas. Don’t touch the hand rails on stairs. Don’t touch your mask then rub your eyes. It was hard to find hand sanitizers, disinfectants, and bleach because “essential” businesses and schools spent hours cleaning surfaces. Some schools that were open skipped Wednesdays so the janitors could thoroughly disinfect. Disinfecting overnight or on weekends was not enough.

The head of the big teachers’ union finally admitted she might let teachers in her union return to their schools in September. Of course, the majority of other teachers have been in the classroom since LAST September (at least most days).

The Russian hackers shut down a pipeline that supplies half of the gasoline to Southeast states and up to New Jersey. The company paid a ransom of $5 million so the gasoline is flowing again. But the shortage has wreaked havoc. Long lines of vehicles waiting for hours to fill up. And not just “fill up” their tank. Hoarders filled up livestock watering troughs, plastic laundry baskets, and garbage bags. The danger is unbelievable. But if one of those hoarders has a garbage bag burst on the garage floor, they probably have plenty of toilet paper to soak it up.

I saw a “cartoon” of two young guys talking to the clerk at a gas station, “We’d like to return some gas, please. We have it in our pickup. 110 gallons. We paid $419.79 for it. You can have it back for $400.”

Clerk, “So, you have 110 gallons in two 55-gallon barrels?”

“No ma’am, it’s in 11 garbage bags.”

You might wonder, what is the penalty for a Russian hacking and collecting a ransom? So far, none. They just move on to another victim and demand more millions. I heard a good suggestion from a former Congressman: Congress should pass a law making this a federal terrorism crime, punishable by death. Then we can have secret agents sneak into Russia, or anywhere else, and kill ‘em.

Kinda like we did with that Iranian General last year. And we had better do it before they shut down our electric grid. Now, we don’t want to kill anyone. We just want to scare ‘em so they’ll stop hacking our computer systems.

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

“The difference between good times and bad times is gasoline, and what goes with it.” WA #636, March 3, 1935


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