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Sunday, July 24, 2022
ISSUE #1120
Mayorkas Makes News. Congress Passes Urgent Bills.

Breaking News from the Mexican border: “There are smugglers that operate on the Mexican side of the border.” This breaking news was revealed by the Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas during a speech last Tuesday.

Wow! With over 2 million people from 160 countries crossing illegally in a year, who would have guessed smugglers are helping them? I wish a reporter had asked, “Mr. Secretary, do you suppose the smugglers are charging for their services? If so, can you speculate on how much they charge? Are Cartels doing the smuggling? Are the Cartels also smuggling Fentanyl?”

Mayorkas added another piece of great news, “The border is secure. We are working to make the border more secure.” That may surprise ranchers and residents in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona who have been dealing with “insecurity” ever since he took over. The Mayors of New York City and Washington are just now aware and complaining about immigrants. Actually, these illegal immigrants are being flown and bussed to many states, and being housed and cared for with our tax dollars.

Mayorkas also stated frustration with Republicans who object to giving citizenship to the 15 to 25 million people already here illegally. Although he didn’t say it exactly this way, he implied that if Congress would pass legislation giving citizenship to everyone here currently, that illegal immigration across the southern border would stop immediately. Is that absurd, or what? He complained, “I take issue with Congress holding the (border) solution hostage until the (citizenship) problem is resolved.”

You may be wondering, where along the Rio Grande River did he make these newsworthy revelations? Maybe Del Rio? Eagle Pass? El Paso? No, Mayorkas was not in any town along the river. He was in Aspen. Yes, high in the luxury of the Colorado Rockies. Where his only contact with an immigrant might be the one who refilled his coffee cup, or the housekeeper who cleaned his room.

Meanwhile, Speaker Pelosi has Congress feverishly working on URGENT legislation. They passed an essential bill that says men can marry men and women can marry women. Interracial marriage is in there, too.

Since they are on a roll, what legislation will be next? Maybe on Tuesday they will consider a bill to make contraceptives legal in all 50 states. Then on Wednesday, a bill will guarantee that all students, regardless of race, can attend their local public schools. (However, there is no guarantee the students will learn how to read, write, and do math.)

On Thursday, they have a comprehensive bill that gives the right to vote to any citizen aged 18 or older, including Blacks, women, and Native Americans (Indians and Eskimos).

On Friday, well on Friday, they will be so exhausted from passing historic bills they can only utter brief praise for the January 6 Committee.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“Didn’t we pass an immigration law to even keep people out of our country? Well, that was all right. It was a good law. It’s our country and we got a right to say who all come in.” WA #223, March 20, 1927

“Did you ever figure it out? (Congress) is the only people in the world that are paid to do one job and do every other one there is but that.” DT #519, March 26, 1928

Randall Reeder
(For the record, if this column seems unhinged, blame it on Covid. Mild case. Tested negative on Friday. I hope President Biden recovers as quickly, and with no brain damage.)


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