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Thursday, June 23, 2005
ISSUE #368
Missing people, missing coins and missed shots

# 368, June 23, 2005

COLUMBUS: The newspapers are full of missing people. That girl missing in Aruba, three boys in New Jersey, the Boy Scout in Utah (and they found him), and the Georgia bride missing for a week because she wanted to stay a Miss a while longer. No only is she still a Miss, she’s ahead by half a million dollars. There’s thousands of devoted brides that stayed put, said their “I do’s”, and what do they get? Just a husband and a new toaster.

Ohio came up missing about $12 million in rare coins. It seems that Tom Noe, who was holding ’em for the state, has been playing golf with the Governor in Toledo. If you happen to be playing golf at that famous Inverness course keep an eye peeled. See, sometimes a golfer uses a coin to mark the ball location, and maybe Mr. Noe accidently pulled one of those rare, million dollar coins out of his pants pocket, and then forgot to pick it up. Now, nobody is saying the Governor picked it up, but if he had, would he even know what he had? No one knows but Noe.

That ain’t the worst of it for Governor Taft. Ohio sent $220 million to an outfit in Pittsburgh to invest, and somehow they let it slide down to about $10 million. And they lost those millions without sending it to Wall Street, or Las Vegas, or even trying their hand at farming. Somebody ended up with that missing dough, but not Ohio.

Everybody’s telling us to “Buy American”. You know, go to Wal-Mart and Buy American. We’ve been buying all right, but it’s mostly from China. We’ve bought so much from China they’ve got most of our money, and now they’re coming over here to spend it. We buy their shirts and shoes and TV’s, and they turn around and buy our corporations. They’re starting with oil companies, which if we had been as smart as the Chinese, that’s what we would have bought instead of nick-nacks.

Basketball came to an end tonight, at least for a month or two. Everybody was missing shots, but it was the defense that done it. Detroit had the Spurs on the end of a rope, but Tim Duncan came through in the second half for San Antonio, and they won 81-74.

Historic quote from Will Rogers:

“We never will have any prosperity that is free from speculation till we pass a law that every time a broker or person sells something he has got to have it sitting there in a bucket, or a bag, or a jug, or a cage, or a rat trap, or something, depending on what it is he is selling. We are continually buying something that we never get from a man that never had it.” DT #1301, Sept. 24, 1930


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