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Sunday, June 19, 2022
ISSUE #1116
More and Bigger Lies; Blaming Border Horsemen; Rampant Inflation; and another Capitol Incursion.

The new boss at CNN asked his employees to stop referring to the “Big Lie.” While it used to refer to President Trump’s claim that the 2020 election was rigged, TV viewers now are confused.

Does the “Big Lie” refer to “Inflation is Transitory?” Or “Our border is closed?” Or “$5.00 gasoline is Putin’s fault?”

President Biden and Energy Secretary Granholm consider some information from the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Energy Information Agency as the biggest lie of all. This agency does independent statistics and analysis. It projects that by 2050 our consumption of oil and natural gas will INCREASE.

Yes, oil and natural gas will continue to be our two biggest sources of energy through at least 2050. Solar and wind production will increase rapidly to become a distant third ranked source. I’m guessing all of this extra solar and wind energy will be required for electric vehicles. I doubt many big farm tractors and combines that sometimes operate around the clock will switch to electric. Can you picture a big diesel-powered generator on a truck driving beside the equipment to “charge-on-the-go?”

As a candidate in 2019 and 2020, Joe Biden consistently promised to “end fossil fuels.” Somehow, Americans who voted for him missed that commitment or didn’t realize his policy decisions would lead to record prices for gasoline and diesel and everything that depends on those fuels.

Do you remember last September when Border Patrol agents on horseback were falsely accused by President Biden and Congress members of whipping Haitian immigrants? Within two days everyone knew they were doing their jobs: keeping people from illegally entering the US. Now these innocent men are being accused of “administrative violations.” What violations? Did they feed their horses more oats, sugar cubes, and apples than allowed by Federal nutrition standards? Or were they singing like Toby Keith* about evil forces while giving their horses Lone Star beer after-hours? Okay, that’s silly. If anyone should be accused (and convicted) of administrative violations it’s their boss, Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas. He is allowing 2,000,000 illegal immigrants per year, plus “got-aways” that definitely include drug dealers, sex traffickers and terrorists.

Inflation is the top concern today, running over 8%, with no end in sight. An ABC journalist said that except for inflation, the nation has moved forward under Biden. Gerry Baker of the Wall Street Journal at Large replied, “That’s like saying if it hadn’t been for the intervention of John Wilkes Booth, Mr. Lincoln’s visit to Ford Theater that night would have been a great success.”

So, how do you plan for Inflation? Do you load up on goods today because they will cost more next week? Maybe follow this investment advice from Will Rogers: (paraphrased) “Buy land, because they aren’t making any more of it.” But land prices have skyrocketed too. A friend had a tentative agreement to buy a farm for $10,000 per acre. But before he could finish writing the check, another person paid $13,000. This is a 23% jump. But it is not uncommon for top farmland to have increased 20% since last year.

On a lighter note, the Capitol suffered another illegal incursion. Seven people from the CBS Stephen Colbert Late Show were first denied entry. But they were later sneaked into the Longworth office building by a Democrat staff member and allowed to wander the halls. Much like the vast majority of those arrested for the January 6 incursion, they are armed only with cameras. Late at night they were knocking on doors of Congressmen, including Jim Jordan and Kevin McCarthy. You may know that a few Congressmen stay in their offices and sleep on a cot. If one of those Congressmen had opened the door in his pajamas, now that would be funny. Maybe funny enough to get me to watch Colbert on Monday night instead of Gutfeld!.

It’s Father’s Day. To all the children, I hope you were generous but spent no more on presents than your dad could afford. In a Mother’s Day tribute on radio in 1935, Will Rogers added this, Father had a day, but you can’t find anybody who remembers when it was…  It’s been so confused with April the first.”

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“I see a committee that was investigating the high cost of living, turned in their report: We find the cost of living very high and we recommend more funds to carry on the investigation.” Notes, undated

“Last year we said: ‘Things can’t go on like this!’ and they didn’t. They got worse.” Jan. 11, 1930


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