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Sunday, April 2, 2017
ISSUE #903
More jobs for electric power; fewer for farming

Jobs, jobs, jobs. Any announcement about a new business emphasizes the number of jobs created. Jobs are important. With 330,000,000 people we need to keep a whole bunch working. But is that the most important factor for the economy?

Look at the production of electricity. About 50,000 coal miners and 180,000 in the natural gas industry provide two-thirds of all our electricity. Of course not all coal and gas goes for electricity generation.

A lot of folks want to replace coal and gas with solar and wind. Do you remember when Hillary Clinton promised coal miners they would be retrained to work in the solar industry? Did you wonder if there would be enough job openings to hire all of them?

Here is a number that will relieve that concern, but is really scary: 250,000. That’s the number already working to produce solar energy. Wow, they must be producing a lot of electricity. Actually it’s less than 1 percent. To get half of our electricity from solar about 15,000,000 would be employed. For wind to produce the other half, about 1,000,000 workers would be required.

When it comes to jobs, no industry in this country has been more “anti-job creation” than farming. In 1900, about 30,000,000 worked on farms. Today, with 4 times as many people to feed, only about 6,000,000 are on our farms. Of course, our efficient farm production has created many millions of jobs in food processing and other agriculture businesses.

There is more to a growing economy than jobs.

The Trump Administration released numbers showing how wealthy a lot of their members are. It seems they’re all worth several million dollars, including Trump’s daughter Ivanka. We already knew that most of the Cabinet members are millionaires or billionaires. This report upset a lot of politicians, especially Democrats. Their view is that you’re not supposed to get rich until after you’ve left government, not before. They proudly point to Al Gore, the Clintons and President Obama.

The Republicans are so unorganized in Washington that Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer has offered to help. He says that the Republican nominee for the Supreme Court is unfit, and therefore he should get to pick the next Justice. And since the new Health Care bill did not get out of the House, he and Nancy Pelosi are offering to fix Obamacare for the Republicans. Democrats are awful generous that way. They’ll rewrite the bill, and all the Republicans have to do is write the check.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“About this Politics thing… The (Party) that’s out always looks the best.”

(These are authentic quotes, REVERSED)
“I’m not a member of any organized political party…. I’m a REPUBLICAN.”
“REPUBLICANS never agree on anything, that’s why they’re REPUBLICANS. If they agreed with each other, they’d be DEMOCRATS.”


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