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Sunday, January 15, 2012
ISSUE #690
National No-till Primary knocks out Huntsman; Romney 4th
COLUMBUS: Some folks have poked fun at our Presidential Primary conducted Friday, but let me tell you, we’ve got clout. New Hampshire brags that their primary narrows the field, but six Republican candidates went into New Hampshire, and six came out alive and smiling.

But a last place finish in the National No-Till Primary knocked out Jon Huntsman. Yes, he placed third in New Hampshire and he has ten million dollars of his dad’s money to finance a campaign. But today he decided drop out, go back to Utah and talk to his dad. Even after tithing, he should have nine million in the bank.

So, you ask, who won? Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum won and his friend Newt Gingrich finished second. Third was Ron Paul and the favorite, Mitt Romney, dropped to fourth. Rick Perry was fifth, leaving Huntsman sixth.

While our 900 farmers were selecting Santorum, 150 evangelical preachers and other conservatives gathered in Texas to decide on their favorite. They argued all day, voted three times, and passed the collection plate twice before agreeing on Santorum. The farmers gathered in Missouri and needed only twenty minutes and one vote. And no money changed hands.

You’ve heard all weekend about those 150 evangelicals, but I contend that 900 farmers have more clout. Both groups took the decision serious, but the farmers had more fun. If Santorum does well in South Carolina and Florida, you just watch, those preachers will claim they did it. But you, my loyal readers, will know who really deserves the credit.

The cruise ship that crashed into an island off the coast of Italy was apparently being steered by a man who was hired as a waiter ten years ago. Because he was so good at charming passengers he  rose to captain and was put in charge of the biggest and most important ship in the fleet. Is that any way to run a cruise line?

Standards & Poors announced they will drop the credit rating for half of Europe because they continue to run up massive debt. France, Italy, Greece and other countries have been warned to cut back on spending, but the folks making the financial decisions for these governments are living off the spending. Rather than cut spending, they would rather go down with the ship.

Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos kinda crashed this weekend. So did Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, and Drew Brees and New Orleans Saints, but nobody will be asking if either of those two quarterbacks knows how to throw a pass.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:
“I have always wanted to see Henry Ford elected President. Compared to the business he runs, our Government affairs would be a kind of branch office for him. When Congress got to stalling, he would go around and lift up the hood of the House or Senate to see what was the matter with it.” 
Radio broadcast, June 1, 1930


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