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Sunday, October 27, 2019
ISSUE #991
No fuel, no coat, but fires everywhere

California is a leading producer of nuts. That’s great news if you like almonds. But the nuts I’m talking about are in Sacramento.

There have been a lot of wildfires in California, and the electric company gets blamed for most of them. These fires often start on windy days from a spark in dry hill country.  You would think the electric company would be encouraged to spend all available funds to clears trees and brush and upgrade their equipment to improve safety, and residents would get rebates for “fireproofing” their houses and surrounding land. But no, not in California.

The homeowners are encouraged to install solar collectors. Then the electric company is required to buy the solar kilowatt-hours and pay retail rates instead of wholesale.

What happens when the electric company shuts off electricity for a couple of days to prevent fires? Aren’t these homeowners lucky to have solar electric? No, the solar systems are inter-connected so they only work when the electricity is on.

What if they installed wind machines instead of solar? Well, the electric company only cuts off power when Santa Ana winds are high, say 50 to 100 miles per hour. Wind machines are designed to automatically shut down at such high wind speeds.

The root cause of these problems is a Governor and Legislature in Sacramento that hate fossil fuels. But smart homeowners and businesses are buying backup generators, which are powered by… fossil fuel.

Several cities are banning new gas lines and even forcing homeowners to tear out their fuel oil furnaces.

And get this, California has banned fur coats . First they cut off your heat, then ban fur coats. People were already fleeing California to escape high costs; now it’s to keep warm.

In the World Series between Houston and Washington, it looks like the end of the “home field advantage?” The visitor has won each of the 5 games so far. President Trump attended the game tonight in DC and was booed when introduced. Maybe he would get a friendlier reception if he goes to the next game, “away” in Texas.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg was interrogated by Congress. Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez questioned him harshly, implying he should prevent political lies from getting on Facebook. Zuckerberg should have responded with the Will Rogers quote below.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“If you ever injected truth into politics you would have no politics.” WA #31, July 15, 1923

“In California, along with all these wonders we have out here is the World’s greatest collection of freak humans on earth. Just start anything out here and if it’s cuckoo enough you will get followers.”  WA #363, Dec. 8, 1929


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