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Sunday, January 17, 2016
ISSUE #855
Obama speaks, candidates debate and Iran deals

In the last week, we heard President Obama give his State of the Union speech, followed by both parties holding presidential debates.

The State of the Union speech was less a state of the union as it is today, and more of what Obama would like it to be in 20 or 30 years.

The 10 Republicans in their debates (yes, there are still TEN candidates) talked about what they would do to change the state of the union without waiting 20 years. Defeating radical Islamic terrorists, including ISIS and al-Qaida, canceling Obama’s “non-constitutional” Executive actions, and “putting America back to work” seemed to be important to all of them. There were minor scuffles between Trump, Cruz, and Rubio, with a few jabs thrown by Christy. But they all agreed that any of the ten would be better than any Democrat.

Three Democrats debated, although Gov. O’Malley seldom got a word in edgewise. Senator Sanders wants universal health care, free college tuition, and higher wages. At the same time he wants to break up anything that is big and/or rich, especially banks, Wall Street firms, drug companies, oil companies, and gun manufacturers. Ironically the individuals and companies he expects to pay for all the free stuff are mainly the same ones he wants to break up. Secretary Clinton made it clear she is running as a continuation of the Obama administration, and therefore all the Democrats that voted for him should now vote for her.

Iran jumped into the news. They televised the capture of 10 U.S. Navy sailors and the apology of the boat captain. After 13 hours Iran released them. Next they released 5 hostages they had imprisoned for several years. You might wonder, what did Iran get in return? Well, we released 7 convicted Iranian terrorists, and then let Iran have $150 Billion that was being held to keep them from developing a nuclear bomb. We may have even given them an extra half a billion for each of the 5 Americans released. It’s great to have them home, but the price is pretty steep.

The National Football League playoff is down to 4 teams, Denver vs. New England and Arizona vs. Carolina. These are the 4 best teams in the NFL which means that the winner of Super Bowl 50 can truly claim to be the best NFL team.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“There is one thing you can bet on this year. No voter is going to do anything that a politician thinks he will do. The way most people feel, they would like to vote against all of ‘em, if it was possible.”  DT #1797, Apr.27, 1932

“Politics is the best show in America. I love animals, and I love politicians, and I like to watch both of ‘em at play, either back in their native state, or after they’ve been captured and sent to a zoo, or to Washington.” Notes (undated)


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