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Sunday, February 24, 2013
ISSUE #748
Oh, the pain of sequestration

COLUMBUS: President Obama introduced us to the word “sequestration” a year and a half ago. Most of us already think it should be banned. Never has there been so much hassle over so little. It’s like a millionaire’s divorce where they argue for weeks over who gets the lawn mower.

President Obama returned from a golf weekend in Florida and criticized Congress for not taking the issue seriously. He said,  “These cuts don’t have to happen.” He’s right. The sequestration plan was his idea; he can admit it was a bad plan and withdraw it. But why would he do something so logical when he has the voters behind him and Republicans over a barrel.

Of course, Democrats say the Republicans were happy to fully support the President’s sequestration plan in 2011. And they were. But that was because they thought a Republican would be elected. It does make you wonder: What would a President Romney do?

The President gave out numbers today on how much the $85 Billion sequester would cost each state in lost federal funds. For Ohio, he said 350 teachers would lose their jobs and 2500 Head Start students would have to stay home. On the other hand, consider the president’s proposed solution which would raise about $58 Billion in taxes and cut an equal amount of spending. Does that mean Ohio would lose 200 teachers? And 1500 students? Of course not. In either case, a good governor and legislature would find other places to cut, to minimize rather than maximize the pain.

At a time when everyone ought to be looking for ways to save, the President is sending plane loads of Washington officials to visit 100 cites and advise them on applying for more federal dollars. Most of the 100 mayors are already good at begging for money, and getting it, but the President believes there is always room for improvement. Is Senator Tom Coburn the only person who thinks this is silly?

Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve are running a printing press, printing $85 Billion a month in $20 bills. Can’t the president tap into part of that loot to cover the shortage? So what if it’s counterfeit. Just slip a few bills into the pay envelope of every federal employee. For Congress, pay ‘em 100 percent with counterfeit bills. Banks are under orders to accept them.

Abraham Lincoln won an Oscar. Can’t get more authentic than Honest Abe.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:
“Now (Congress) wouldn’t be so serious and particular if they only had to vote on what they thought was good for the majority of the people of the U.S.” 
WA #78, June 4, 1924
 “No matter what a President does, he is wrong according to some people.” WA #352, Sept. 22, 1929
 “Actors and actresses are thick here today (at the new Santa Anita racetrack)… It’s proof positive that there is plenty of money to feed and clothe everybody. It’s only a rumor that everybody has been taxed to death.” DT #2617, December 25, 1934


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