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Sunday, January 19, 2020
ISSUE #1001
Post-Royalty, China, USMCA, DOA and ROPT

Columbus: Harry and Meghan are no longer Royalty. She’s going back to acting. Harry can find work as a professional speaker. No need for support from Britain or Canada. They can afford their own bodyguards, thank you.

Speaker Pelosi signed the Articles of Impeachment with fifty gold-plated personalized collector pens. Seven House members carried those Articles across the Capitol to the Senate. That solemn procession resembled a funeral with six pall bearers carrying, and a preacher walking behind the coffin. Instead of those Articles being DOA, Speaker Pelosi hopes for ROPT. (Removal of President Trump).

Meanwhile, in news affecting the well-being of 350 million Americans, China signed an agreement to buy more of our manufactured and agricultural products, and the trade agreement with Canada and Mexico was finalized.

Farmers are optimistic these deals will lead to more sales of soybeans, corn, cotton, rice, beef, pork, chicken, milk, rice, wheat and about any other product you can name, including almonds. The China deal may be the bigger one, if they follow through and do what they promised. Mexico and Canada are more dependable.

The Kansas City Chiefs are back in the Super Bowl after a 50 year absence. They will play the San Francisco 49ers, who won 5 championships, mainly with Joe Montana and Coach Bill Walsh in the 1980s, and lost in 2013.

Concerning the quotes below, I included these in Weekly Comments 3 years ago, as Donald Trump was beginning his first year as President. It’s worth reading them again as Trump enters the final year of this term. Of course if the Democrats in Congress get their way, this would be his final month.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

 “If there is one thing that a politician hates worse than a recount, it’s somebody that is not in their business.” Life magazine, May 31, 1928

“There is nothing impresses ‘common folk’ like somebody that ain’t common.” DT #612, July 12, 1928

“Things in our country run in spite of government; not by the aid of it.” DT #1930, July 28, 1930

“People don’t change under governments; the governments change, but the people remain the same.”  There’s Not a Bathing Suit in Russia, 1927

“Every man gets an opportunity once in a lifetime.” DT #2077, March 31, 1933  [today I would say, Every man and woman…]


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