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Sunday, November 1, 2020
ISSUE #1035
Pray it’s not a Tie


A friend posted on Facebook: 2020 is not a good year for political comedy. So, I’ll turn this last issue before the election over to Will. Most of these quotes are from the 1932 election, Hoover vs. Roosevelt.

Historic quotes on Elections and Campaigns by Will Rogers:

“You can’t beat an administration by attacking it. You have to show some plan on improving it.” WA #101, Nov. 16, 1924

“The less a voter knows about you, the longer he is liable to vote for you.” Life magazine, Oct. 26, 1928

“Wall Street is betting two and a half to one on Roosevelt [Biden]. That’s a bad omen for the Democrats, for Wall Street hasn’t been right in three years. You can hear anything you want around here about the outcome, depending on who you talk to, Democrat or Republican.” DT #1947, Oct. 31, 1932

“Don’t you all kinder wish that the President of our country wouldn’t have to run around all over the land getting up on a soap box to shout his merits like a backwoods Congressman running for reelection? That’s why a President’s term should be six years; no re-election, and be retired for life on half salary…. But, after all, there is very little dignity, very little sportsmanship, or very little anything in politics, only ‘get the job and hold it.’” DT #1949, Nov. 2, 1932

“This President business is a pretty thankless job. Washington or Lincoln either one didn’t get a statue till everybody was sure they was dead.” DT #1951, Nov. 4, 1932

“There is only one redeeming thing about this whole election. It will be over at sundown, and let everybody pray that it’s not a tie.” DT #1953, Nov. 7, 1932


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