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Sunday, February 26, 2023
ISSUE #1149
President Biden Visits Ukraine and Leaves. Russia Invades Ukraine and Stays.

President Biden made a dramatic trip to the middle of the war zone in Ukraine last week. Did you see him walking courageously with President Zelensky in Kiev? One TV commentator said this was the first time a President entered a war zone since Lincoln traveled to Richmond. Historic. Yes, it’s been more than 150 years, and we elected 30 more Presidents since that risky trip during the Civil War.

Was our President risking his life for a once-in-a-century “photo op?” As they walked, suddenly Air Raid sirens began blaring! Had Putin fired a dozen Cruise Missiles at Kiev? Heart-throbbing scary!

But wait. Why is no one ducking for cover? And none of the Secret Service agents rushed to surround President Biden. Why didn’t they rush him to a bomb shelter?

Well, there were no Cruise Missiles streaking toward Zelensky and Biden. There was no risk of one landing nearby. Someone in the White House had called Putin and informed him of Biden’s visit. And warned Putin that if he dared to attack Kiev during the short Presidential visit, it would make us really mad. The same person asked Zelensky, a former actor, to arrange for the blaring sirens, right on cue.

President Biden made a wise decision to go to Ukraine. Although a lot of Americans, both Republicans and Democrats, are against sending more military equipment to Ukraine, helping the Ukrainians defeat Putin is worth the hundred Billion or even two hundred Billion we’re spending.

Critics are concerned that Putin might fire off nuclear weapons. Who would he attack with a nuclear bomb? Kiev? Paris? Berlin? Washington, DC? Putin is smart enough to know any nuclear bomb dropped on Europe or America would mean death to many Russians. Putin has stashed away over a Trillion dollars. He has no intention of dying or squandering a life of luxury and having to live in exile in a shack in Outer Mongolia.

President Biden continues to confirm support for Ukraine, “As long as it takes.” That sounds determined, but it lacks urgency. Why didn’t he say from the beginning, “Let’s run Putin out of Ukraine as rapidly as possible.” That goal would make Ukraine whole again, including Crimea.

But what about Peace Talks? What would Putin demand to end the invasion? You can bet he would insist on keeping all the territory currently held by Russian troops (and maybe more).

Where would that leave Ukraine? Look at a map. Ukraine would lose about 15 percent of the country, roughly a 100-mile-wide swath of land in the East and Southeast, stretching almost to Odesa. Ukraine would lose all access to the Sea of Azov, meaning that any grain and manufactured goods to be exported from what’s left of eastern Ukraine would have to be sent hundreds of miles by truck or rail to Odesa on the Black Sea.

What would you think about giving up a similar 15 percent of the US? Say, a 100-mile-wide swath along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, from Maine to the Texas border?

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

      “ODESSA, Sept. 2. – Say, these old Russians can really fly. That’s what the Japanese are more afraid of than any other thing, is that these guys will outfly ’em… Who hasn’t pictured Odessa on the Black Sea? Russia and Turkey have been fighting over this for a thousand years.” DT #2520, Sept 2, 1934

      “Russia is a country that looks like it was invented for arguments’ sake. It’s really not, or ever has been a nation: it’s a dispute.” Undated notes


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