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Sunday, November 8, 2020
ISSUE #1036
President-elect Joe Biden; other winners and losers

Well, it was close, but not a tie. Barring thousands of illegal votes in 4 or 5 states, Joe Biden wins. As a result of this election, there are a lot of winners. And losers.

Winners include: Congressman Clyburn, SC, for rescuing Biden’s campaign; Willie Brown, for giving a young Kamala Harris a boost; and the Chinese Communist leaders.

Losers definitely include: Political pollsters; Country folks; and Georgia TV viewers. I’ll talk about a couple more in a moment.

Here’s a list of (likely) Winners and Losers; I’ll let you ponder which is which: The market for slightly-used plywood; Rioters; Antifa; Europe (NATO countries); Sen. Elizabeth Warren; Ballots arriving after Nov. 3; Illegal immigrants; Dreamers; Kamala Harris (President-in-Waiting?); Liberal Journalists (but I repeat myself); Smith &Wesson; Exxon; AOC and her Squad; Female Republicans in Congress; Police in big cities; Inner city residents; Deceased voters; Post Office; Wall Street; Stock holders; New York Times; CNN; Amazon; Zoom; School kids; Parents of school kids; Lawyers; Teachers’ unions; Hunter Biden; Trump Family business; Women’s Fashion magazines; Airlines; Cattle ranchers; Veterans; Pentagon; Obama’s Intelligence officials; James Comey; Florida coastline; and the Constitution.

Here are two losers who may not realize they lost. Pennsylvania voters, especially in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. They helped elect a President who wants to eliminate a major economic boost for the state: natural gas. They voted for less manufacturing, and higher costs for heating and electricity. Financially, Pennsylvania may become another Illinois.

A second loser is Las Vegas. Those folks voted for a President whose main measure to control Covid-19 (besides what Trump is already doing) is to shut down all “non-essential” businesses until mid-summer. Can you name ONE essential business in Las Vegas (well, other than that one)?

Another group, non-political, who lost today are Jeopardy viewers. Alex Trebek lost his battle with cancer, at a young age 80. He will be missed, and much more so than Political Pollsters.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“Two very important headlines in the papers: ‘Mr. Roosevelt [Biden] to visit Mr. Hoover [Trump]’ and the other, ‘Mr. Roosevelt takes out a $500,000 (life insurance) policy.’ I do hope these two items together have no significance.” DT #1963, Nov. 18, 1932

 “In most places it’s awful hard to get folks to go and register to vote, but out here in Los Angeles [also Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta, Las Vegas??] where we do everything big, why, each qualified voter is allowed to register himself and ten dead friends. If he hasn’t got ten dead friends, why, he is allowed to pick out ten live ones, just so they don’t live in the state. The Republicans are kicking on this arrangement, as they claim that system of registration gives the Democrats the best of it, as very few Republicans have ten friends.” DT #2558, Oct. 17, 1934


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