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Sunday, September 11, 2011
ISSUE #672
President is Santa; will Congress be Scrooge?

Sept. 11, 2011

COLUMBUS: President Obama delivered his Jobs Speech to Congress, describing a new stimulus plan to create thousands of jobs with $450 Billion. Only problem is he doesn’t HAVE $450 Billion.

He played Santa Claus, and expects the 535 folks sitting in front of him that night to be the elves. He practically told them, “It’s September. I know you can come up with $450 Billion by Christmas.” And now, he’s traveling the country (in his sleigh), telling folks what great presents await them under the tree as long as Congress doesn’t turn into Scrooge.

Now, mind you, this is on top of the $1.5 Trillion Congress already has to save. Another thing they are trying to “save” is Medicare and Social Security so they don’t run dry in a few years. I believe I heard the President say that next year workers and their employers will get to keep about half of what they have been paying into Social Security. No doubt that’s popular with workers, but is the President trying to save Social Security, or bankrupt it quicker?

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack was in Columbus Friday to learn how engineers are coming up with useful products made from stuff we used to throw away. He learned how they are making rubber out of dandelions, and asphalt from cow manure. And when soybeans are turned into diesel fuel there’s a black gooey liquid left over. Would you believe that that gooey liquid now replaces oil in making the polyurethane cushions for the front seat of your Ford.

Vilsack, who you may remember was governor of Iowa, announced that, “Agriculture is cool again.” He could have also added that, economically, agriculture is really hot. With a few notable exceptions, farmers and ranchers did not see a recession. Even with the floods, drought, and hurricanes, they will have a bountiful harvest this year. I don’t know what kind of Christmas Congress and the President will have, but for most farmers it will be a merry one.

Saturday night Notre Dame and Michigan played a so-called “throw-back” football game.  For awhile I thought I saw Knute Rockne on the Irish sideline. But with 3 touchdowns in the final minute or so, old time football quickly turned into something even more exciting.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:
“You know, the national problem in this country today is not who shall be relieved and whose money shall relieve him, but who shall be the one that plays Santa Claus, and actually hands out the presents.”
 Radio broadcast, April 21, 1935

“I don’t know whether my old friend, Knute Rockne, and Notre Dame are going to win the world’s championship again this Fall, but he deserves it if they don’t win another game. For they are the only big team that starts playing tough teams right from the jump. These others play Rotary clubs and business colleges till about Thanksgiving, then have one tough game. Knute thinks if you got a football team, it ought to be a football team from the Fourth of July to Christmas.” DT #1310, Oct. 5, 1930


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