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Sunday, March 30, 2014
ISSUE #794
Putin and health care are both hard to figure out

The big news this week is health care. The Affordable Care Act was passed four years ago and March 31 is the date for everybody to be signed up. (Unless you’ve got a darned good excuse.) Republicans and Democrats, and even the Supreme Court, have been arguing over it ever since the President signed it. You would be surprised how many of them hope that those who needed health care in 2010 will have conveniently died in the mean time.

The whole aim was to get health care for 30 million uninsured. So how are we doin’? Nobody knows for sure. One side says, “We’ve signed up 6.5 million people.”
The other side complains, “But you won’t tell us how many have actually paid. And besides, 5 million lost their insurance because of Obamacare.”
Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi insists, “Use the correct name: it’s the Affordable Care Act. Affordable, Affordable, Affordable, Affordable.”
Republicans: “If it’s so affordable why do we still have 30 million uninsured.”
Democrats: “No one can be refused insurance because of pre-existing conditions.”
Republicans: “But no one is refused hospital care today.”
Democrats: “Young people can stay on their parents’ insurance until they reach 26.”
Republicans: “But you need more young folks to pay up and subsidize the old folks.”

Back and forth, back and forth. This won’t be settled for years. And if it ever does look like they are reaching agreement, they’ll come up with some other controversy to battle over.

Putin has Europe in a dither over Ukraine. Here’s a question for you: Would Russia be threatening Ukraine if Ukraine had nuclear weapons?  They used to have ‘em. But twenty years ago Ukraine made a deal: we’ll give up our nuclear weapons in return for protection from Russia. And who do you suppose agreed to provide that protection? The United States.

If you’re shocked the US government would ever renege on a deal or a treaty, you’re probably not a Cherokee or Navajo or any other Indian who remembers the 1800s.

President Obama said Russia is only a “regional power.” Many of our friends around the world are worried that he wants us to be only a “regional power.”

Europe needs natural gas and oil to replace what they import from Russia, and Ukraine needs military assistance. So what do we offer? Solar panels for Europe, and food stamps for Ukraine soldiers.

Winter is still with us. March came in like a Lion, and it’s leaving like a… Lion. Did the groundhog see his shadow on the 2nd of March? It’s tough enough to have to fill out income tax forms by April 15 without the lingering threat of more snow and ice.

College basketball is winding down.  Everybody expected Florida to be in the Final Four. But whoever thought Connecticut, Wisconsin and Kentucky would be in there with ‘em. When Mercer knocked out Duke and Dayton beat Ohio State that should have been a hint that any one of about 30 teams had a shot at the championship.

Historic quote by Will Rogers:
“The smartest statesmen are the worst fooled when anything comes up right quick. I think a country is harder to understand than a woman.” 
WA #418, Dec. 28, 1930


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