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Sunday, May 12, 2019
ISSUE #972
Questions on Impeachment and the Constitution

Last week I asked a few questions, with possible answers thrown in for fun.

This week, in honor of Mother’s Day, let’s ask a few more. Every son and daughter knows that Mothers are persistent at asking questions until they get the honest answer.

Impeachment has been a hot topic lately. Senator Elizabeth Warren says she wants to impeach President Trump. Meanwhile House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a proud mother and grandmother, hesitates to start impeachment proceedings. Here is her question to Sen. Warren: “Can you get the signatures of 67 of your fellow Senators committed to vote for impeachment? If you do that, Maxine Watters and I will zip through impeachment hearings in the House by mid-June, the Senate will agree, and Trump will be out of office before he can have his fancy July 4th celebration.” Sen. Warren’s response: “Well, honestly, I’m campaigning on impeachment, but there is zero chance of getting 20 Republican Senators to agree with us Democrats on impeachment.”

Have you heard we have a Constitutional crisis? Has it affected you? Would you recognize a Constitutional crisis if you saw one? When southern states essentially declared war on the Union in 1861, yes that was a Constitutional crisis. States that refused to desegregate schools in the 1950s created a crisis. If Nixon had refused to leave the White House that would have been a crisis.  But, honestly, is an argument between the Speaker of the House and the President really a Constitutional crisis? With luck, maybe they can deescalate the crisis before any shots are fired.

Historic quote by Will Rogers:
“You see, the old founders of the Constitution made it so it didn’t matter who was in office, things would drag along about the same.”
 Oct. 29, 1927


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