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Sunday, November 15, 2015
ISSUE #850
Radical Islamic Terrorists and Canadian crude

The world is weeping with France, at least the civilized part of the world is. The uncivilized part is celebrating.

There seems to be some disagreement over who the perpetrators are in the attacks that killed over 130 and injured hundreds more in Paris. Most of us know who they are: Radical Islamic Terrorists.

President Obama and the three Democrat candidates for president admit they are terrorists but refuse to utter the word Islamic. They don’t want to risk upsetting the 99% of Muslims who are peaceful by pointing out that 100% of the radical terrorists are in fact Muslim. Now, I happen to be Methodist. If the terrorist attacks for the last twenty years had been carried out by radical Methodist terrorists I would not object to them being referred to as Methodist. In fact if they were Methodist, we would find out some way to identify them, round ‘em up, and kill ‘em. We might recruit some Baptist sharpshooters and Episcopalian trackers to help, and we sure wouldn’t sit around and watch ‘em wreak havoc on the world.

France has started bombing the headquarters of the radical Islamic terrorists in Syria and they hope NATO and Sunni countries will join them. Meanwhile, President Obama announced that the folks responsible for the “crime” in Paris should be prosecuted. Crime? No, it is war, according to the president of France. And President Obama ordered the release of five of the most dangerous prisoners from Gitmo by sending them to the United Arab Emirates. I suppose that is intended to appease ISIS.

By the time you read this, the situation may change. These murdering terrorists (and their friends) need to be wiped off the face of the Earth no matter where they are or what name they go by.

Last week, after a six year delay, President Obama signed the “Railroad Prosperity Act.”  It is also known as the “Warren Buffett Enrichment Plan” since Mr. Buffett owns the railroad that prospers most, the BNSF. The RPA-WBEP has been forced on us by radical environmentalists who don’t want us to get any oil from Canada, unless perhaps it comes across the border by rail, tanker truck or in 55-gallon barrels. These folks probably don’t know that while they have blocked the Keystone XL Pipeline there are 19 other pipelines, secretly buried years earlier, that bring contraband Canadian crude across our border daily.

On Saturday night CBS held another debate with the three Democrat candidates. Former Secretary of State Clinton announced confidently that the FBI will find nothing on her email server that will concern Democrat voters. She and the other two candidates agreed that high income folks should be taxed between 70 and 90 percent with the exact number depending on which one gets elected. They differ on how many refugees we should accept from Syria, but somewhere between 25,000 and 65,000. If you asked the average American, the answer would be zero.

Senator Bernie Sanders said the biggest threat is Climate Change. Yes, that’s what he said. France is more likely to be decimated by rising seawater than by radical (blank) terrorists.


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