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Sunday, February 6, 2022
ISSUE #1098
Ranting About Covid, Corruption, NGOs and Big City Prosecutors  

Is the Covid 19 Pandemic over? Instead of persisting with divisive mandates to “get vaccinated or get fired” and wear masks in elementary school, President Biden should simply announce “It’s over. We’ll deal with other variants and the consequences.”

Then the President should devote his energy to force China to own up to the Wuhan Lab leak and start compensating us and all other countries for the Trillions of dollars in damage caused by Covid.

I rather doubt he will do any of this. Kind of the opposite: The President ordered 1,000,000,000 Covid test kits to mail to anyone who requests a few. Guess who manufactured and sold us the Covid test kits. Yes, China. And if they froze while crossing the Pacific or in your mailbox, the results can’t be trusted.

We’re just now learning, thanks to an investigative journalist, that many high officials (medical experts) told Dr. Fauci in January 2020 the new virus likely came from a Lab rather than occurred in nature. Within a week those same medical researchers had changed their opinion, agreeing with Dr. Fauci that Covid must have come from a bat cave to a meat market to a human. Why? In that brief interval our National Institute of Health (NIH) awarded those naysayers additional research funding of several million dollars each. Wow, what a country!

You probably remember in 2019 when Speaker Pelosi and the House impeached our President over a phone call with the Ukraine President. And one of the key witnesses against the President was our Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch. But did the House impeach the wrong person?

For 2 years, 2014-2016, Vice-President Joe Biden was preventing our government from investigating corruption involving the president of Burisma, an energy company in Ukraine. So why was our VP acting against American interests in rooting out corruption? Maybe it was because his son, Hunter Biden, with no expertise in energy, was making $50,000 a month as a Board member of Burisma. Ambassador Yovanovitch hid the evidence of Biden’s interference with the investigation.

Two years ago this week, the Senate acquitted President Trump of charges he was pressuring the Ukraine president to investigate Burisma. If Marie Yovanovitch had been honest 7 years ago, VP Biden might have been forced to resign for preventing the Ukraine president from investigating Burisma.

Now, I’m not claiming that Trump deserved to be re-elected in 2020. He lost the election by several million votes and his January 6th rally was a blunder. However, would life be different today if there had been no accusation of colluding with Russia in 2016, no impeachment demands by Congressman Adam Schiff, no blaming Trump for racism against the Chinese and refusal to wear a mask, and honesty by Dr. Fauci (and White House Covid Coordinator Dr. Birx) during daily press briefings?

Here’s another shocker. On the Mexican border, taxpayers (that’s us) are paying Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) to encourage illegal immigrants to cross the border. Not only encourage, but pay ‘em! And the same taxpayers (that’s us) are paying the Border Patrol to try to keep them out. And once they sneak past the Border Patrol, or are released on political orders from the White House, other NGOs use our tax dollars to transport and house them here.

There’s a somewhat similar situation in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Portland, and New York where their so-called Prosecuting Attorney is acting as a Defense attorney in coordination with actual Defense Attorneys. So, the criminals get legal support from both sides of the table and no one is representing the victims and law-abiding citizens. The same cities, and others like them, demand a reduction in the police force. May as well; no need to arrest a guy who’ll be turned loose immediately. And they wonder why violent crime has increased.

Ok, my rant is over. If I had more space I would comment on Bette Midler and the West Virginia Governor’s bulldog. Will Rogers wrote in 1933, “I love a dog; he does nothing for political reasons.

A short Presentation Piece from my Will Rogers talks: “You’ve heard me say many times, ‘All I know is what I read in the newspaper.’ But really, ‘We learn by two things: one is reading, the other is associatin’ with smarter people.’  Actually, ‘we’re all ignorant, we’re just ignorant on different subjects.’ ‘There’s nothing as stupid as an educated man if you get him off the subject he was educated in.’ And in all the years I’ve been saying that, I’ve never yet had a woman ever disagree.”


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