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Sunday, December 12, 2021
ISSUE #1090
Red Lines, Smollett Hoax, and Tornado Fury

A string of horrible tornadoes rained death and destruction across several states from Arkansas to Kentucky. Mayfield, KY was almost wiped off the map by the ferocity and width of the tornado. My comments can’t compare to pictures you are seeing on TV news reports.

After his Zoom call with Russia’s Putin, President Biden was asked if he set a “red line” concerning Putin’s looming aggression toward Ukraine.  I don’t think Biden mentioned a concrete red line, but he did say sanctions would be severe.

I think the President missed a chance for a direct, simple answer, “The red line is the Ukraine border.” And while he’s on the subject, he could have stated firmly, “I’ll draw a red circle around Taiwan.”

You may doubt that we could enforce both red lines at the same time. You may be right. But if one red line is absolutely enforced, with no wishy-washy whispering, the other might fade away.

While we’re talking red lines, how about setting one on our border with Mexico. That red line should be 2000 miles long and 30 feet high.

Another jury came through with a just verdict. Jussie Smollett fooled three-fourths of the media (and President Biden and VP Harris) with his well-rehearsed story. Jussie claimed he suffered a race-based attack by Trump supporters with a noose at 2:00 a.m. on a frigid night in Chicago. Those journalists and television commentators may have believed him because they admired him as a famous, million-dollar actor on a TV show called Empire.

But I had never heard of him, or his show. Had you? But Smollett fooled so many people because he’s a good actor. He should receive an Emmy award for “Best Actor in a Hoax.” He can accept it from prison.

Another Emmy might have been earned this week for “Best Dramatic Reading in a Losing Role,” by Hillary Clinton.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

 “You read about the disaster [tornado] in St. Louis and what the Red Cross did. No matter what happens or where it goes to happen, they are the first there.”  DT #372, Sept. 30, 1927

“One thing that a Communist can do is explain…  Communism to me is one-third practice and two-thirds explanation.” There’s Not a Bathing Suit in Russia, 1927

“Oftentimes you have been made to suffer by Actors.  So, you will be tickled to death to read about an Actor who suffers, and the more continuous he suffers, the more you will like it.” Ether and Me, 1927 (Will wrote this about himself, suffering through gallbladder surgery.)


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