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Sunday, April 18, 2021
ISSUE #1059
Redefining Webster; Solving election problems, racism and immigration

Is Webster’s your favorite dictionary? Or do you ask Seri? We have a new one in 2021: The New Revised Democrat Dictionary.

Recently we learned that “infrastructure” includes every possible government spending and taxing program, including the kitchen sink.

“Bipartisan” used to mean that at least one member of Congress of the opposite party agrees with your bill; now it means at least one of the hundred million Americans of the opposite party sides with you.

“Packing” now means unpacking (as it relates to Supreme Court Justices)

“Peaceful protest” is a synonym for rioting, looting, burning, vigorously confronting, yelling obscenities, and throwing bricks.

“Voter suppression” is any policy or action that does not give every person the option to vote at any time, any place, or by any method chosen (as defined by the Party of that potential voter).

No doubt we can also come up with a few for a “Republican Dictionary.”

Democrats in the House passed a bill that would nationalize all elections. It includes a ban on any requirement for voter identification. We’re learning a lot about election laws across the country. Most states require a signature match, valid ID, or photo ID. Curiously, about a dozen states have no requirement at all.

The state drawing the most attention is Georgia, which requires voters to show identification. Two issues get all the focus, even from President Biden: people without an ID, and a ban on providing water to voters waiting in line. Well, here’s a solution. And it’ll work in other states, too. In Georgia, Stacy Abrams (the self-proclaimed Governor) has access to a few million dollars. Let her organization commit $5 million to find everyone without an ID, and get ‘em one. It might take $4.9 million to locate the few without an ID, leaving her a few dollars each to get them photographed at a government office.

For the “no water allowed” problem, eliminate long lines. How? Most precincts have enough voting machines to eliminate long lines. The big companies complaining about Georgia rules should each contribute millions of dollars to buy more voting machines. The state should place the extra machines in precincts proportional to the number of registered voters. Problem solved!

Is this ironic? Kids today are the least racist ever, but they are being blasted with “theory” that forces them to look at each other based on race? In many ways they are living, studying, competing in sports, and enjoying fun times with no concern about race. The folks who grew up with racism in the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s are dying off. Young folks are more tolerant, at least most of them. Since 1968, we have learned from Martin Luther King, Jr. to focus on character, not color.

VP Kamala Harris is staying far away from the “situation” at the US/Mexican border by going 1200 miles away, to Guatemala. Instead of spending Billions on a 30-ft wall, she will spend Billions on diplomacy.

This might be her opening conversation with the president of the country: “How many Billions will it take to get you to stop your citizens from heading to my country?”  President Giammattei, “Well, that sounds interesting. Let me get back to you after I check with the cartels.”

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“The Democrat at heart is just naturally an amiable fellow. He just loves politics; he just wants to be known as a politician. Now a Republican don’t. He just wants politics to be known as a side line. He is sorter ashamed of it. He wants to work at it, but he wants people to believe he don’t have to.” WA #310, Dec. 2, 1928

“There’s one thing no nation can accuse us of, and that is secret diplomacy. Our foreign dealings are an open book, generally a check book.” WA #45, Oct. 21, 1923


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