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Sunday, March 4, 2012
ISSUE #697
Republican candidates invade Ohio

March 4, 2012

This week was Ohio’s turn to get acquainted with the candidates. I got 7 calls from Mitt Romney and 4 from Rick Santorum. I don’t mind hearing from them, but whenever I asked a question they would just say, “I approve this message,” and hang up.

With several million voters in these “Super Tuesday” states the Republican candidates are like Santa Claus on Christmas Eve: everywhere at the same time. But some folks say they are more like Scrooge because they want to reduce our government checks and free services.

So many people are out of work or looking for better jobs they don’t seem to care about our $16 Trillion debt. If the Chinese aren’t complaining, why should we?

And it looks like Obama and whoever the Republicans pick will spend over a Billion dollars each on the November election. That’s nothing new. Before the 1928 election I said, “So much money is being spent on the campaign that I doubt if either man, as good as they are, are worth what it will cost to elect him.”

Two or three Billion for an election seems like a lot of dough. But I read in the paper that last year we spent $50 Billion on pets. Two-thirds went for food and veterinarian care. But we spent $15 Billion on non-essentials like a Halloween costume for Fido, and professional groomers. Whatever happened to the day when the dogs ate leftover biscuits and table scraps? And cats lived in the barn and kept the mice and rats under control? We loved ‘em just as much, and they thrived in the great outdoors.

Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu is in Washington to talk turkey with President Obama. The President gave a good speech today proclaiming his total and unwavering support for Israel, but he still does not want them to bomb Iran. Military experts say Israel can’t fly a thousand miles to bomb Iran. But if Israel decides to kill Iran’s nuclear plans they won’t drop bombs. No, they will quietly sneak in through a back door. Ahmadinejad is liable to wake up one morning and see that all his nuclear experts have vanished, along with all essential nuclear equipment.

The big debate here, besides picking a Republican candidate, is over gas prices. The Energy Secretary said he doesn’t want lower prices and feels high prices would help us drive less. The President said that in 12 years our cars will get 55 miles per gallon and we’ll save $8000 on gas. But I’m not sure how we’re going to save much if gas is $8 or $10 a gallon.

What he forgot to say is that in order to make cars light and fuel efficient, they’ll make the bodies out of paper-thin plastic. The only way we’ll save $8000 is if we’re so disgusted with the miniature cars we’ll park ‘em and walk.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:
“I’ve been reading about the Primary Elections. Looks like everybody that remains honest is getting beat.” DT #43, Sept. 20, 1926
“(A war) over religion is really the most bitter.” WA #350, Sept. 8, 1929
“I love a dog. He does nothing for political reasons.” 
 Dec. 3, 1933


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