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Sunday, October 21, 2012
ISSUE #730
Republicans catch Will’s slings and arrows

COLUMBUS: It’s a lot easier to criticize the record of a President who has been in there for four years than it is to complain about the plans proposed by a new candidate. Mr. Obama did it in 2008, and, for you old-timers, so did Roosevelt in 1932.

We have Obamacare, and the President says he likes that word.  Then he invented a new word: Romnesia. In case you haven’t figured it out, it means Mr. Romney has forgotten the conservative stands he took a few months ago during the primaries. Don’t be surprised if  “Romnesia” becomes a common word for any forgotten or ignored political stand or promise.

The only problem for Obama is that Romney may remind him of a few things he said in the past that he conveniently ignored.

Gov. Romney has talked endlessly about tax cuts. He says they will be offset with the loss of some deductions but he’s kinda sketchy on which ones. If he said he wants to eliminate the mortgage deduction he will lose support of construction workers and bankers. State taxes? That would lose voters in high-tax states. Charitable donations? Solar and wind tax credits? Actually the only deduction a voter would gladly give up is one they don’t use.

Most people doubt he can cut spending enough to balance the budget, even with a binder full of women working on it, and even if he pays each of these women as much as a man.
Threatening to cut public TV funding could cause Big Bird to build a nest in Romney’s hair. (Would that be a Romnest?)

Mr. Romney is losing the votes of young single women because he does not understand them. What could he know about young women, he’s got 5 sons.

He wants to cut down on the 47 million surviving on food stamps, but he does not point out the ones he wants to eat on their own.

Well, I read today that some people in other states are tired of Ohio getting all the attention in this election. If you are one of those people, on behalf of all Ohioans I apologize. We will gladly trade you the endless commercial interruptions, phone calls, junk mail, doorbell ringing, and blocked traffic for motorcades. Fortunately, this long Ohio nightmare will end November 6. Next up: Lame duck Congress. That will hit all 50 states.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:
“No country ever had more, and no country ever had less. Ten men in our country could buy the world, and ten million can’t buy enough to eat.” WA #451, Aug. 16, 1931
“(Both candidates) would like to live in the White House. And in order to get in there they will promise the voters anything from perpetual motion to eternal salvation.”  DT#709, Nov. 4, 1928
“It don’t take near as good a man to be a candidate as it does to hold the office. That’s why we wisely defeat more than we elect.” Life magazine,  May 31, 1928
“The Senate passed a bill appropriating 15 million for food, but the House of Representatives has not approved it. They said no. They seem to think that’s a bad precedent, to appropriate money for food… They think it would encourage hunger.” DT#1391,  Jan. 7, 1931
 “I know what voters do in regard to their stomachs. They go to the polls and if it’s full, they keep the guy in that’s already in. And if the old stomach is empty, they vote to chuck him out.” Saturday Evening Post,  March 30, 1929


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