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Sunday, September 18, 2022
ISSUE #1127
Sanctuary City Refuses to Provide Sanctuary. Inflation Causes Strikes. State Funeral for Queen Elizabeth.

Our problems caused by over 2,000,000 illegal immigrants in the last year have reached all the way to the border of Massachusetts. Up to now Texas, Arizona, and Florida bore the lion’s share of the problems. Suddenly, when 50 illegal immigrants landed in Martha’s Vineyard, a proud sanctuary city, the city leaders were shocked that no one told them ahead of time about their arrival. A Texas mayor responded, “Fifty? No one tells us when five THOUSAND are wading across the river.”

A couple of national networks were outraged at this News. Not about the 5000, but about the 50.

The liberal, immigrant-loving residents of Martha’s Vineyard decided that 10 hours was long enough for those 50 immigrants to tour their lovely island. Afterall, the hundreds of empty bedrooms in their summer mansions are unsuitable for an overnight stay by folks from Venezuela and Guatemala. They politely asked the Governor to activate 150 National Guard troops to ferry the 50 off to an alternative beautiful seaside spot, specifically the Joint Military Base at Cape Cod.

This swift action in Massachusetts begs the question: If it takes 3 troops to handle 1 illegal immigrant there, should we have had 6 million along our Mexican border to handle 2 million? And if there had been 6 million troops patrolling there (I know, that’s impossible.) would any of those 2 million have gotten across the border? Of course, President Biden won’t even let six officers (on horseback) stop ‘em, let alone six million.

Oddly, Vice-President Kamala Harris, the Border Czar, knows nothing about the crisis. She proclaimed on NBC’s Meet the Press that “The border is secure.” Chuck Todd should have followed up, “Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the immigration problem is caused by President Trump. Are you blaming Trump because he did not finish 1954 miles of border wall?”

Inflation continued to stay above 8% last month. If that isn’t painful enough, it is causing labor strikes and demands to organize unions. Most workers have been happy for years with modest wage and salary increases because inflation was around 2%. But with inflation above 8%, and no expectation of prices going down without a Recession, the labor market is in turmoil.

The railway workers strike was averted at the last minute. Apparently, locomotive engineers and other union members will receive an immediate 14% increase in wages. Since that’s well above the inflation rate, we can expect higher prices for anything shipped by rail. For example, coal (for electricity), windmill blades and towers (for electricity), automobiles, and crude oil (because many pipelines are waiting for approval).

Kroger workers are threatening a strike. Kroger is the largest grocery store chain and the threat is causing store shelves to empty. So, at the start of Covid, it wasn’t such a stupid decision to buy a 10-year supply of toilet paper.

If you are reading this soon after I post it, you can get a short nap before TV coverage of the State Funeral for Queen Elizabeth II begins at 4:00 a.m. ET. There will never be another leader like her.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“The argument that New England has got to settle in order to pacify the rest of America is, ‘Why were they allowed to land anywhere?’ I am sure that it was only the extreme generosity of the Indians that allowed the Pilgrims to land.  Suppose we reversed the case.  Do you reckon the Pilgrims would have ever let the Indians land?  Yeah, what a chance!  What a chance!” Radio, April 14, 1935

“There is two things that a dumb guy knows as much about as a smart one, and that’s art and inflation.” DT #2114, May 14, 1933


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