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Sunday, April 10, 2016
ISSUE #864
Sanders and Clinton will debate their qualifications

Donald Trump told us how he will get Mexico to pay for the Wall: any Mexican here illegally will not be allowed to send any money home to Mexico. That sounds good, but it won’t work.  Every one of the millions of illegal immigrants who are working here knows someone who is legal and who would gladly send the money for them.

If Trump wants to intercept money he needs to go after the millions (or billions) of dollars of drug money crossing the border. If drug cartels can’t get paid, they will stop shipping the drugs.

While Trump has been going after votes, Ted Cruz is angling for delegates. Cruz corralled all 37 delegates in Colorado and is picking them off one at a time in states that already voted. We’re just now learning that delegates select the nominees, not the voters.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are competing on which one can eliminate fossil fuels the fastest. At a time when low prices for gasoline and natural gas are providing great consumer benefits, they both want to replace these fuels with solar and wind, which are both expensive and inconsistent. We’re saving money directly on heating our homes and driving cars and trucks, and all kinds of businesses are saving, which translates to cheaper goods and services.

Clinton and Sanders finally agreed on a date for a debate on CNN. It will be this Thursday night, April 14, and amazingly it is on a night without major competition, except for folks frantically finishing their Income Tax returns. Of course you may point out that half the Democrat voters don’t have to pay federal income taxes so they can relax and enjoy the debate.

Sanders said Hillary is “unqualified” to be President. But he meant to say “disqualified”, because of money she accepted from Wall Street and certain votes as a Senator. Personally, I think the only disqualification could come from the FBI.

In an interview by Chris Wallace on Fox, President Obama continued to defend Clinton’s use of her own email server for Ultra Top Secret messages, “She did not intentionally put the United States at risk.” He also said that if the FBI and the Attorney General decide to charge her, he will stay out of it, “Guaranteed.”  Here’s my question: If Secretary Clinton did not recognize dozens of messages as Top Secret, does incompetence disqualify her? She’s a brilliant person, but she won’t want Trump or other Republican nominee calling her Incompetent Clinton.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

The 1924 Democratic Convention was historic. The 2016 conventions, for either party, won’t come close. Held in Madison Square Garden in New York City, it started June 24 and ended 16 days later! Today we hear about the possibility of a contested convention with maybe 3 to 5 ballots. In 1924 the Democrats nominated John W. Davis, finally, on ballot number 103. Will wrote 18 daily articles, long ones, on the convention. Here are a few comments from the first five:

“New York and the Democrats swamp Cleveland and the Republicans without ever having to start their convention… In fact I suggested to them that if I was them I would adjourn before they nominated somebody and spoiled it all.”

(Day 2) “The building is literally lined with flags. I could never understand the exact connection between the flag and a bunch of politicians. Why a politician speaker’s platform should be draped in flags any more than a factory where men work, or an office building, is beyond me.”

(Day 4) “We heard nothing from 10 o’clock in the morning until 6 at night but ‘The man I am going to name.’ Then they talk for another 30 minutes. There have been guys going to name men all day, and all we ever got named were about six out of a possible 200… You could never tell by a man’s talk who he was going to nominate. They all kept the names until the last word. It was safer… Illinois has forty delegates and they are all for different candidates and all have to make either nomination speeches or seconding speeches… (When Franklin Roosevelt nominated Al Smith) the galleries went wild and about ten state delegations marched and hollered for an hour. Talk about our civilization! Why, if they ever took a sanity test at a political convention 98 percent would be removed to an asylum.”


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