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Sunday, December 15, 2019
ISSUE #996
Sleepy in DC; exhausted in the rest of the country

Did you watch all 13 hours of the Judicial Committee on Thursday? To review: Chairman Nadler began the meeting with two “Articles of Impeachment,” charging Trump with abusing his power as President, and obstructing Congress. He began with 23 in favor and 17 against impeachment.

After spending all day and half the night debating and arguing over five amendments (all defeated 23 to 17) Nadler got sleepy about midnight and announced, “Boys, we’re gonna wait till tomorrow to vote.”

The vote Friday morning was… you guessed it… 23 to 17, exactly the same as if they had voted Thursday morning. So except for the Congress reps who love to hear and see themselves on TV, it was a total waste of everyone’s time.

You may not agree with Trump, but the folks that voted for him want him to exert his power and, if necessary, obstruct an obstinate, do-nothing Congress.

In their wisdom the Democrats decided that Trump did not commit bribery or treason or collude with Russia. And they found that the handful of voters who speak Latin associate quid pro quo with Biden more than Trump.

Speaker Pelosi decided last week would be a perfect time to announce the trade agreement with Mexico and Canada (USMCA). It was the same agreement that’s been on her desk for a year, except for a couple of recent changes that Mexico now objects to. The delay cost us millions, if not billions, in lost revenue, especially for farmers and several manufacturers.

Soccer star Megan Rapinoe was honored by Sports Illustrated and immediately endorsed Elizabeth Warren for President. That upset Mayor Pete of South Bend who figured she would naturally support him. I think the drawback for Pete is that Megan only associates his town with Notre Dame football, not soccer.

Meanwhile, 16-year old Greta Thunberg is Time’s Person of the Year for her passion on global warming. You may remember she spent a month last summer sailing across the Atlantic in a million dollar yacht with a crew of five. I think the Mayflower sailed it quicker, and the Pilgrims didn’t have the option of British Air. Next summer I hope she sails across the Pacific and scolds China for being the worst contributor to global warming. Is there a Chinese version of Time?

Joe Biden (might have) promised that if elected he would leave after 4 years. That’s a great Platform: Elect me and I’ll go away quicker than my fellow candidates. Of course Will Rogers topped that in his 1928 campaign for President: “If elected I will RESIGN.”

As it turned out, Herbert Hoover wiped out both Will and Al Smith in ’28. Considering what happened in October 1929, Mr. Hoover probably wishes he had immediately resigned.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“Congress even has slogans: “Why sleep at home when you can sleep in Congress?”  “Be a politician—no training necessary.”  “It’s easier to fool ‘em in Washington than it is at home.” WA #122, Apr. 12, 1925

“Party Politics is the most narrow minded occupation in the World.” WA #120, March 29, 1925


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