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Sunday, August 19, 2018
ISSUE #943
Socialism, Capitalism, and the First Amendment

Socialism is gaining popularity, at least among Democrats. A poll showed that 57% of Democrats are favorable to living under Socialism, and only 47% are favorable to Capitalism. For that Democrat majority, they likely point to a few successful “socialistic” programs we have in this country and figure it can work on everything else. But what they forget, or never learned in school, is that our socialistic programs depend on Capitalism to pay for ‘em.

Young folks think that because public schools are free, so should college. And everybody should get at least $15 an hour, even if they aren’t working. Ask ‘em who will pay for free college and free health care and they will tell you, “The rich. And big corporations.” Well, they’re in for a shock. On that $15 an hour minimum wage they would pay half in taxes. And if they somehow rose to a high salary, they might pay 80 or 90 percent.

I’m a few days late but I want to join with the 400 newspapers who wrote editorials on Thursday proclaiming their right to stand up to government officials and defend democracy, civilization and the First Amendment. I may be the only one who admits that much of what I write is fake news. And it’s “free speech,” even freer than theirs, because I don’t get a dime for it.

For most readers, these editorials were seen as a rebuttal to President Trump because he constantly criticizes them for only publishing “fake news” about his Administration. Well, even if 90% of the stories about the President are negative, they can’t all be fake. So here’s my suggestion to those 400 papers. Next Thursday, publish a list of their Top Ten national or international stories since Trump’s election Nov. 8, 2016. Do this independently, no colluding. Then let their readers decide if they agree with the list and the ranking.

Speaking of the First Amendment and Freedom of Speech, did you know that over a million former government officials have “Security Clearance?”  It surprised me to find out those folks continue to have access to the same Top Secret materials as when they were working for us. Here is a shocker: those same former employees claim that if we don’t give them access to top secrets, it eliminates their freedom of speech. Well, my speech has been free for years, and I never had even a hint of security clearance. So, here’s to free speech, but not with our top secrets.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“We got a Socialist out here [in California] running, Upton Sinclair, darn nice fellow, and just plain smart, and if he could deliver some of the things he promises, should not only be  governor of one state , but president of all of  ‘em. Upton has got some sort of scheme where us old boys over 45 retire and get a couple of thousand a year.” WA #603, July 15, 1934

“If Socialists worked as much as they talked, they would have the most prosperous style of government in the world.” There’s Not a Bathing Suit in Russia, Chapter 5. 1927

 “The [American] Communist teaches his doctrines, but he wants to do it where he is enjoying the blessings of Capitalistic surroundings. He preaches against the pie, but he sure eats it.” WA #420, Jan. 11, 1931

“Every day just shows us what a lucky country we are… [Our newspaper press is free, so] you can write whatever you want to. The only trouble is getting somebody that will read it.” DT #2091, April 17, 1933


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