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Sunday, July 29, 2012
ISSUE #718
Spend, and get re-elected. Save? You’re fired.

COLUMBUS: Did you see this news from California? The State Parks Director, Ruth Coleman, was fired because she managed to save and squirrel away $50 million over the past few years. Meanwhile, the legislature and various governors over the last few years have run California into a $55 Billion hole. I think the state got it wrong. Gov. Brown and the legislators are the ones who should be fired. And put Ruth Coleman in as Governor.
A reader asked me how many days President George W. Bush spent at his ranch in Texas compared to the number President Obama has spent at his home in Chicago. Well, it seems Bush was back home on his ranch about 450 days in 8 years. Some folks refer to those as “vacation” days, but I never met a rancher who considered being home a vacation.
I don’t know how many days President Obama has spent at his home, but I’m guessing less than 20. And who can blame him? Have you seen the murder rate in Chicago? And who it is getting shot? So the President is only looking out for personal safety when he takes, or sends, his family to Hawaii or Martha’s Vineyard or Vail or Spain or Botswana.
Mitt Romney flew to London in time for the Olympics. He made a mistake of reading the local papers which have been criticizing the government for lack of preparation for the Games. For example, they had to call in thousands of their military at the last minute to protect the athletes. Well, when a reporter asked him about the Olympics he simply reported what he had read. Now the Brits are mad at Romney instead of those in charge of the Olympics.
Then he went on to Israel and met with his old friend, Prime Minister Netanyahu. He made sure he didn’t read any local newspapers. While there he is holding a fund raiser in Jerusalem, expecting to clear over a million dollars. When President Obama heard the news, he said, ‘Why didn’t I think of that.’
Congress, which has been deadlocked all year, says they will work one more week, then go on vacation for a month. If they accomplish as much this week as in the previous 30, exactly what are they vacationing from? Can’t be from overwork.
For that killer in Colorado, when he’s found guilty, I suggest a firing squad. He killed 12, injured more than 50 and fully intended to kill or maim everyone in his apartment building. For all my friends who own guns and support the NRA, I have a question. Has anyone found it necessary to fire a hundred rounds in a minute? Any hunter who needs 100 shots to bring down a deer, or a bear or even a bull moose, should be spending less on ammunition and more on shooting lessons.

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

“Today Congress went to work. What are you laughing at? Honest, they went to work. Well, they did come in and sat down.”
“Any program that has to pass by that Senate is just like a Rat having to pass a Cat Convention; it’s sure to get pounced on. And the more meritorious the scheme is, the less chance it has of passing.”  WA #385, May 11, 1930


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