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Sunday, October 9, 2011
ISSUE #676
Steve Jobs and Henry Ford changed America

Oct. 9, 2011

COLUMBUS: Steve Jobs changed America. So did Henry Ford.
Ford put American drivers on the road. Jobs took the driver’s eyes off the road.
The Model T was so cheap farmers could buy one to go to town to buy supplies. With an iPhone they don’t have to go to town. They check prices while standing out in the field and send an order to have the stuff delivered.
Ford converted horses from a beast of burden to an object of curiosity. Jobs’ computers converted secretaries to administrative assistants.
Ford practically invented the drive-in movie with a huge 60-foot screen. The iPad lets us watch movies on a 6-inch screen.
Ford let you snuggle in the back seat and make whoopee. Jobs lets you film yourself in the back seat making whoopee.
Henry said, if worst came to worst, he could give the cars away if he retained the selling of the parts. Steve could give away the iPod and iPhone if he retained the selling of the tunes and apps.
Ford started his car business in the bedroom. Jobs started his in a garage, which would not have existed if not for Ford.
Ford gave us a gas station on every corner. Jobs converted half those filling stations to Starbucks.
Thanks to Ford, finding a parking space was our biggest worry. Now it’s finding space on broadband.
We no sooner get a Ford car paid for than we want to trade it in for a newer model. You get a new iPhone, turn it on, and there’s an app showing what the next model will do better.
Walt Disney (not Henry Ford) took a mouse and made him likable. Steve Jobs took a mouse and made it useful.
Eve bit the apple and saw she was naked. Steve designed the Apple and IBM lost its shirt.

In Washington, President Obama says we are “going soft” and he doesn’t like it. What upsets him is that not enough people are working hard enough to qualify for the Millionaire’s Tax. Meanwhile on Wall Street the Occupiers want to eliminate all millionaires and billionaires. And they are using their iPhones to round up more protesters to say vile things about wealthy folks, such as Steve Jobs.

West Virginia held a special election to pick a governor. Earl Ray Tomblin won by promising more coal and lower taxes. He’s a Democrat, but President Obama is not quite sure if he’s for or against him.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:
“A Ford car and a marriage certificate is the two cheapest things there is.  We no more than get either one than we want to trade them in for something better.” 
Radio, June 1, 1930


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