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Sunday, April 1, 2012
ISSUE #701
Supreme Court ponders health care as costs triple

April 1, 2012

COLUMBUS: The Supreme Court heard the arguments on the health care law last week and is pondering a decision. If they find out the cost estimate has tripled from $900 Billion a year to $2600 Billion they will vote it down 9-0. See, if it goes through it’ll take ALL our tax money and we can’t afford a Supreme Court. Those justices know they have job security, but there’s no guarantee we’ll pay ‘em.

Now that protests across the country have drawn attention to the terrible death of a black 17-year old in Florida, maybe Rev. Sharpton and the others can take on a much bigger problem among minorities, whether African, Mexican or Indian. That is the hundreds killed every month by those of their own race.  Illegal drugs, prescription drugs, liquor, gang violence, and a variety of crimes are killing our young people. And Whites are not exempt from this mayhem either.

Congressmen who spout off  while wearing a cowboy hat or a hooded sweatshirt come across as a poorly informed judge-want-to-be who’s eager to hang a perpetrator before he has been charged. Maybe Senator Coburn and Congressmen Ron Paul and Jim McDermott (doctors) can bring some sanity to the discussion of how to battle these evils killing our young folks.

In New York, Mayor Bloomberg is protecting hungry vagrants from the scourge of too much salt, sugar, and trans fats, but he lost a well-fed constituent who dined on tofu.

The $650 million lottery jackpot will be split by three winners who each get $100 million. If that arithmetic seems odd it’s because the federal and state governments take their half of the winnings off the top. Over a hundred million folks bought losing tickets without being forced to, yet we’ll complain about having to pay our income taxes. The odds of getting your tax money back in government services, though slim, is way higher than winning a lottery. I wonder how many tickets were bought with a welfare check or food stamp dollars.

The basketball championship comes down to UK or KU. It’s Kansas and Kentucky, two basketball powerhouses whose history goes back to James Naismith, Pfog Allen and Adolph Rupp. A Kentucky win means they will have to truck in some old couches from colleges in neighboring states; after recent wins they already burned all of ‘em in Lexington. No use to ask West Virginia; they burned all their remaining couches after the Orange Bowl.

Meanwhile the Republican championship is between Romney and Santorum. Mitt is coasting along well ahead, while Rick’s followers (this being Easter week) are praying he will rise again.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“Did you read about those great Kentucky basketball players?” DT #532, April 10, 1928 (Actually Will was congratulating Ashland College of KY, which won the NIT.)

(At the end of a nice tribute to mothers on Mothers Day, 1935)  “Father had a Day, but you can’t find anybody who remembers when it was. It’s been so confused with April the First.” Radio, May 12, 1935


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