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Sunday, October 16, 2022
ISSUE #1131
Tall Tales, Lies and More Lies

       “If you ever injected truth into politics, you have no politics.” Will Rogers wrote that 99 years ago (July 15, 1923), and some politicians have been perfecting their skill at truth avoidance ever since.

President Trump was accused of telling the “Big Lie.” There are so many lies in politics it’s hard to judge which are small, medium, big, or biggest.

We now know the famous “Steele dossier” accusing candidate Donald Trump of Russian collusion in the 2016 election was a lie. The dossier was financed partly by candidate Hillary Clinton. The FBI offered Mr. Steele $1,000,000 if he could prove the accusations were true. Unbelievable! Who in the FBI, other than Director Comey, could make such an offer? Please tell us.

In October 2020, fifty Intelligence officials signed a letter claiming the Hunter Biden laptop computer stories had “all the earmarks of Russian disinformation.” Even though he knew the truth, candidate Joe Biden quoted that letter in a Presidential debate, saying absolutely the stories were Russian disinformation.

This week on Fox News, one of those fifty officials said if you read the full letter, you would see they were not sure the stories were Russian disinformation. And furthermore, anyone who reached that conclusion was at fault because they didn’t look up the exact meanings of the words used. Would you like to know who meticulously composed that letter? And who got 50 high-level Intelligence officials to sign it? Please tell us.

Despite Joe Biden and all our major news outlets “misinterpreting” the letter, not one of the fifty publicly clarified the exact meaning of the words used. They, and Joe Biden, let the voters believe a lie to influence an election. Will the FBI offer $1,000,000 to disprove the lie? Is impeachment in Biden’s future?

The January 6 Select Committee showed a video of Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer desperately calling for more police support during the riot in the Capitol. The video was recorded by Pelosi’s daughter. Earlier we learned that the Secret Service intercepted messages on December 24 that Oath Keepers planned to attack the Capitol on January 6 and harm members of Congress.

Would you like to know if Speaker Pelosi’s daughter was videotaping when the Secret Service informed her about the impending danger? We know there were more direct reports to Congress on or before January 4 which should have rung alarm bells in the Speaker’s office. She had to know that protecting the Capitol with bike racks and a modest number of Capitol Police would be no match for radical insurgents. Did Pelosi have a reason to ignore the warnings and delay until the afternoon of January 6 to call for help from the National Guard?

I’m sure you remember when the Border Patrol agents on horseback were accused of whipping illegal immigrants from Haiti. Those agents work for the Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas. Hours after he learned his agents were simply doing their job, not whipping anyone, he spoke at a White House news conference and repeated the lie.

President Biden gave a campaign speech on the West Coast, warning that if Republicans win control of Congress, “Inflation will go up.” Somewhat shocking since inflation was about 2% when he took office and now it’s over 8%. Does he also think Republicans would cause crime to increase? Or the number of illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican border? Would deaths from accidental fentanyl poisoning increase?

The New York Times gave President Biden a new title, “Storyteller in Chief.” He has told some whoppers. He said recently he grew up in the Puerto Rican section of Delaware, his son lost his life in Iraq, he attended Synagogue services often on Saturday, he was a “full Professor for four years” at an Ivy League university, his house nearly burned down from a lightning strike, and his son Hunter “is the smartest person I know.”

To be fair to the President, I think he is preparing for life after his term ends. He is practicing for “Tall Tale Contests.”  I know West Virginia holds one every year. Probably most other states, too. However, he will need to read the rules. The one in San Antonio, Texas, pointedly says, “no politicians allowed.” They know the average liar would not stand a chance against a professional.

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

“Candidates have been telling you that if elected they would “pull you from this bog hole of financial misery.” Now is a good chance to get even with ’em, by electing ’em, just to prove what a liar they are.” DT #1334, Nov. 2, 1930


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