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Sunday, November 18, 2018
ISSUE #953
Thank a Farmer on Thanksgiving. Plus Solving the Election Puzzle

On Thanksgiving, as you sit down to enjoy a bountiful feast, take a moment to thank a farmer. That huge meal with turkey and all the trimmings cost about the same as it has the last couple of years. Yet, the farmer’s income this year is about seven-eighths as much as last year, and far below what they made a few years ago. You probably know that China stopped buying our soybeans and our cows are producing milk faster than we can drink it.

The lame-duck Congress is debating the so-called Farm Bill (which is 80 percent food stamps). They are not arguing over how much farmers ought to get. No, the debate is whether able-bodied young folks who choose not to work should receive food stamps. It’s a worthwhile debate, but there are plenty of jobs available.

Wrapping up the election, the Senate will stay Republican, while the House will switch back to Democratic control for the first time since 2010. The credit for the switch goes to suburban voters who voted for the Democrat for Congress.

I think I’ve figured out why it happened. Do you agree? Previously it was country folks (mainly conservative Republicans) who moved to the suburbs for a new job in the city. Recently, it’s the city folks (mainly liberal Democrats) who have moved out to the suburbs, often to get away from Democrat-ruled cities. But, out of habit, they still vote Democratic.

Ironically, the same effect is occurring for whole states. People leave California and New York, for example, because of high taxes and regulations, and land in Republican states, such as Arizona, Texas and Florida. But they vote for candidates favoring the same policies they left behind.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. The more turkey you eat at dinner the less hash you will be bothered with the rest of the month.” DT #92, Nov. 24, 1926

“Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. [President] Coolidge asked us to thank the Lord, but to kinder hint to Him also that we are aware that a Republican Administration had assisted Him in providing this plentiful bounty.” DT #729, Nov. 27, 1928

“If I run for something, this would be my platform: No part of any turkey served later than Sunday night after Thanksgiving.” DT #1972, Nov. 29, 1932

“Wish all the Farmers would move to town one year; that’s the only way I know to clear the thing up.” WA #452, Aug. 23, 1931


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