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Sunday, September 22, 2019
ISSUE #986
The climate change solution: sailboats

A bright 16-year old from Sweden is inspiring her fellow teenagers here to learn more about climate around the globe. I think she’s also planning to speak at the United Nations.

You probably remember that she is so determined to eliminate fossil fuels she came to New York by sailboat, and it took her two weeks. Swimming might have been faster.

Now, whether those leaders and UN delegates coming from about 200 countries will follow her lead I got my doubts. Maybe Spain could sail on a replica of the Santa Maria. But can you picture the folks from China and India crowding on a sailing skiff for a month or two?

I know these young folks are seriously concerned. Adults they respect are telling them that unless we eliminate coal, oil and gas in 12 years we’re all gonna die. Here’s a question for them: What percent of the global total of greenhouse gas does the U.S. contribute? If you have a teenager around, ask them. Make it multiple-choice: 75%; 45%; 35%; or 15%. (Answer below)

Last week I alluded to a story in the New York Times about Justice Brett Kavanaugh that concluded he should be impeached. Within a few hours the story was debunked although a few candidates for President still want to impeach him. Meanwhile Congress started impeachment interviews aimed at President Trump. Sadly, a lot of Democrat leaders apparently don’t think any of their candidates for 2020 can beat him in the election. So they have to get him out before the election.

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

“If your time is worth anything, travel by air. If not, you might just as well walk.” DT #389, Oct. 20, 1927.

[The answer is 15%. China and India are the biggest contributors.]


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