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Sunday, March 6, 2016
ISSUE # 860
The least trusted, most disliked candidates are winning

The list of Presidential candidates is narrowing. After several states have held their primary election or caucus to select their favorite Democrat and Republican, we’re down to four prime candidates. You might expect they would be the most popular among the 25 or 30 who started.

But, oddly, they seem to be the most disliked, least trusted of the bunch. Nobody likes Trump, except the ones who voted for him. Senator Cruz has none of the other 99 Senators on his side. Nobody thinks Hillary Clinton is truthful, except her supporters. And for Sanders, is the United States ready for a Democratic-Socialist President?

Of course, all four of these candidates have strong, passionate, determined followers. Their challenge is to attract enough of the other voters to win. Yes, I know that Rubio and Kasich are still very much alive. Gov. Kasich is counting on his Ohio folks to give him a win. And Sen. Rubio won the odd couple of Minnesota and Puerto Rico, but may lose his own state of Florida.

Trump’s main point (when he’s not making fun of Rubio or Cruz): We’ll build a wall, and it will be paid for by Mexico. Sanders’ main point (when he’s not agreeing with Clinton): We’ll give you free medical care and free college, and it will be paid for by Republicans.

Hillary Clinton announced her campaign theme is: “Make America Hole Again.” Yes, I know she meant “Whole,” but it reminded me of a Will Rogers moment on the radio. He pretended that President Coolidge called in and Will asked him for his opinion on the state of the economy. (Read this as if you are listening rather than reading it.) Here’s Coolidge (actually Will): “I am proud to report that the country as a (w)hole is prosperous. I don’t mean by that, that the whole country is prosperous, but as a hole, it is prosperous. Now a hole is not supposed to be prosperous, and we are certainly in a hole, as a whole.”

I heard speculation that President Obama might name a person to replace Justice Scalia this week, I suppose, just to irritate Republican senators. We’ve heard many names of lawyers tossed out as prospects. Oddly, when we have only a half dozen capable of becoming President in 2016, there seems to be hundreds considered for the Supreme Court. And that person serves for life, not four years. Here’s Will on that issue: “The Senate just sits and waits till they find out what the President wants, so they know how to vote against him.” (DT #1225, June 29, 1930)

Historic quotes (on elections):

“One of the evils of democracy is you have to put up with the man you elect whether you want him or not. That’s why we call it democracy.” DT #1953, Nov. 7, 1932

“In this country people don’t vote for; they vote against.” Radio, June 9, 1935

“If you ever injected truth into politics you have no politics.” WA # 31, July 15, 1923


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