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Sunday, October 20, 2013
ISSUE #776
Tired of Washington? Read a good book.

COLUMBUS: The 16-Day War in Washington ended. Like a lot of recent wars, including the War on Terror, nobody won, and it’s not really over. And it cost a lot of money. Democrats say the shutdown cost $24 Billion. Republicans say their goal was to save a Trillion.

Both parties are gearing up to do it all over again in 3 months. They’re digging in, firmly entrenched. Do you think they might agree to “meet in the middle?” Not a chance. Not a chance.

President Obama says he wants immigration reform and a farm bill. Of course his version of the farm bill has more than 80% of the money going to food stamps, not farmers. Having 46 million folks poor enough to collect food stamps is not enough; he wants to continue rewarding federal employees who round up more of ‘em. And by immigration reform he means to let the millions who sneaked in from Mexico become voting citizens. Of course the debt ceiling will have to be raised again. And again. And again.

Senator Coburn said, “We just raised the debt limit… that’s like saying we’re going to raise the legal limit for blood alcohol thinking we’re going to control drunk driving.”

Here’s an interesting fact related to Social Security. Half the people working today expect to work well past age 65. But our elected officials in Washington say, “No, let ‘em retire; no need to increase the retirement age.”

Would you like to read a good book? “Will Rogers: I Never Met a Farmer I Didn’t Like” is now available. Go to http://www.willrogerstoday.com. One click takes you to Amazon. Or, if you want 3 or more, send me an email: for a good deal.

Here’s what 3 folks who know a little about Will and agriculture said about the book:

“This is a superb collection of Will Rogers’ many words of agriculturally-related wit and wisdom,” stated Steve Gragert, Director of the Will Rogers Museum in Claremore, Oklahoma.

Jennifer Rogers-Etcheverry, Will’s great-granddaughter, adds, “Being married to a farmer I truly appreciate the quotes and stories in this book. These inspirational words are just as true today as they were when Will Rogers said them himself.”

“You can’t help but smile as you read through Will Rogers’ wise cracks woven with wisdom. It is the perfect gift for all of us with deep roots in agriculture,” Charlene Finck, Farm Journal Editor.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“You know a man with a message is a whole lot harder to listen to than any other species of speaker.” WA #28, June 24, 1923

“I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.”

“Farmers, get out your sense of humor. Congress meets to relieve you again next week.” DT #841, Apr. 7, 1929


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