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Sunday, February 13, 2022
ISSUE #1099
Trucks, Trains, Planes, Buses, and Stolen Steaks. Biden vs. Putin. Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day.

Truckers in Canada have blocked traffic in Ottawa and on the Ambassador Bridge to Detroit. Prime Minister Trudeau needs to do something drastic and radical: Eliminate vaccine and mask mandates! He’ll do that eventually; why not now?

Stealing anything under $999 is not considered stealing by several highly compensated lawyers pretending to be prosecutors. I heard a great suggestion from a sports talk show in Lubbock, Texas. Stores can put $1000.00 price tags on every item in the store. Anything stolen results in burglary charges. For an honest customer, the store gives an immediate discount back down to the real price.

We’ve all seen the video of a man stealing a dozen packages of steak from a grocery. Walked right out and down the street. I doubt we’ll ever see a video of anyone stealing plant-based (fake) meat. Even petty thieves have pride.

Do you remember the California high-speed railroad that began as a $10 Billion project to connect Los Angeles and San Francisco? Construction has hardly begun and it’s now estimated to cost over $100 Billion. With the current inflation rate, a more accurate guess would be $200 Billion. To pay off this investment, a one-way ticket would cost at least $1500 for a 1.5-hour trip.

Gosh, could there be a less expensive way to make that 400-mile trip in a hurry? Here’s an idea for the geniuses in Sacramento: Build airports in LA and SF and hire some airplanes. What? Somebody already did that? Well, it must be really expensive to get there in only an hour. Only $300? And some deals for $49?

What if I don’t want to fly? How about building a limited access highway where I can drive 75 miles an hour? What? They already built I-5?

Ok, let’s get serious. California can build a 2-lane road for high speed streamlined buses only. They already own the right-of-way. Put it on concrete piers above the berm on I-5. Low cost because it would be only 20 feet wide, and no trucks. Only long articulated buses with 100 seats. Precise auto-steering with GPS. Go 150 mph. Do it for less than $20 Billion. California, you’re welcome. No charge. But if offered, I would accept a 1% gratuity.

President Biden called Putin of Russia on Saturday. He really laid down the law, “You invade Ukraine and there will be severe costs. We’ll cut you off from the rest of the world, except maybe China.” Then he whispered, “You’ll lose your stature on the world stage.” Putin yelled back, “World stature? You’re hysterical. The only stature that matters to me is in Russia. And my stature is far greater than yours in your country.” Ok, they probably didn’t say that. But it’s conceivable.

A New York Times investigative reporter wrote that President Trump flushed top secret, classified documents down the toilet. Here’s my question. What member of the President’s staff handed a plunger and a drain snake to an unfortunate employee in the White House and ordered him into the President’s private bathroom to, ahem, “dig up dirt” on him? And where are those flushed documents now? At the National Archives? Will we ever get to the bottom of this?

          The Cincinnati Bengals had the Super Bowl won with a few minutes to go. But Cooper Kupp made several key plays for the Los Angeles Rams to go ahead 23-20. Aaron Donald sealed it with a sack. Joe Burrow will have other opportunities.

Happy Valentine’s Day. I’ll celebrate tomorrow with my wife for the 54th time.

Interestingly, Will Rogers never wrote about Valentine’s Day in his newspaper columns. After 8 years of an off-and-on romance, he and Betty Blake were married on November 25, 1908, in her hometown, Rogers, Arkansas. They had a loving marriage. Will had his own way of publicly expressing his love for her, “She has been for twenty-two years trying to raise to maturity four children, three by birth and one by marriage. You know, there ought to be some kind of a star given to any woman that can live with a comedian.” (Radio, May 11, 1930)

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

“If your time is worth anything, travel by air. If not, you might just as well walk.” DT #389, Oct. 20, 1927


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