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Sunday, October 4, 2020
ISSUE #1031
Trump-Biden Debate upstaged by Trump’s Covid-19

First, like all reasonable folks here and around the world, we are pleased to hear details about President Trump’s progress recovering from Covid-19. His team of doctors said he might get to return to the White House on Monday.

Late this afternoon, he even climbed in the back seat of his Chevy Suburban for a short drive. He and others in the vehicle were wearing masks. Meanwhile, CNN commentators are convinced he is seriously ill and should be tied to his hospital bed, with intravenous tubes, oxygen tank, and a bed pan.

We were shocked to get the news early Friday that President Trump tested positive for Covid. Then we learned that 3 Senators and a few other prominent people also have it. They attended the introduction of Amy Coney Barrett as the nominee for the Supreme Court, or the Debate on Tuesday. That’s probably where they caught it, but we don’t know who they caught it from. The best news is that none, apparently, is seriously ill.

Although most of us wish a quick recovery, a few nuts are hoping for the worst. Perhaps the most disgusting comment is from the Chinese Communists. The Chinese leaders are the ones responsible for spreading this coronavirus around the world, infecting more than 35 million people, and killing 1 million. But they had the nerve to blame Trump for catching it.

Before Trump’s illness, the Presidential debate was the big news. I felt that Joe Biden won it by not losing it. He stood strong for more than 90 minutes, looked into the camera at times and spoke directly to the American people.

Oddly, I did not learn much from either candidate.  Trump has been on television constantly and did not add anything. Somehow, even with questions (and demands) from Trump, Biden avoided telling us much about his plans for the next 4 years. He refused to answer about “packing the Court,” and his responses on health care and green energy seemed to contradict previous views.

The Vice-Presidential debate this week is drawing more interest than usual. Maybe Senator Harris will be more definitive about what we can expect from a Biden-Harris Administration. VP Pence will likely repeat Trump’s views that we have already heard a hundred times.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“Debates don’t settle nothing, but they are entertaining. Proposing something in a debate is just about like writing a letter to your congressman, nothing ever comes of it.” WA #637, March 10, 1935

“When you straddle a thing it takes a long time to explain it.” Convention Articles, June 29, 1924

“America has the best politicians money can buy.” (Undated notes)

Will Rogers had gall bladder surgery. The next day, still groggy, his syndicated newspaper column, in full, was, “Relax – lay perfectly still, just relax.” DT #284, June 19, 1927


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