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Sunday, December 4, 2022
ISSUE #1138
Twitter Sinners Exposed. Railroad Strike Avoided.

The sins of Twitter were revealed by Elon Musk Friday evening. If you happened to be watching CNN or MSNBC (or the Utah upset of USC) you may not know that Twitter employees were acting as agents for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Biden family. They routinely blocked any negative information about Joe Biden, including blocking anyone who tried to share that information.

The most blatant example was in October 2020 when a computer belonging to Joe Biden’s son was analyzed by the New York Post. Emails and documents showed that Hunter Biden received millions of dollars from the Communist Chinese government and that 10% was reserved for the “Big Guy.” Hunter’s ex-business associate Tony Bobulinski verified that Joe Biden was the “Big Guy” and was actively involved in the deals. You probably remember that Joe Biden called it Russian disinformation. So did Twitter and most major news organizations. The most blatant and influential lie was a letter signed by 50 former Intelligence Agency officials.

Without knowledge of this incriminating information, a record 80 million people voted for the “Big Guy.”

About the only people who knew the truth about the laptop computer before the 2020 election were ones who watched Fox News. Here’s a shocker: CBS News announced a couple of weeks ago that their investigation had verified the information on the laptop was authentic. Wow, it only took ‘em two years. In response, MSNBC proudly announced they were also investigating Hunter’s computer and, with luck, could have an answer by December 2024.

A railroad strike was averted. Back in September, President Biden bragged that he had negotiated a new labor contract with the unions. Actually, the only agreement he got was to postpone any strike until after the November election. After he failed again last week, he passed the buck to Congress. They passed a law requiring all rail workers to accept the 24% wage increase, with one sick leave day, and a requirement they will not strike for two years. (That’s conveniently right after the 2024 election.)

I’ll admit I know nothing about railroad labor negotiations or what role Congress or the President can play. Do the railroads have to pay all the costs, or are taxpayers stuck with part of it, such as sick leave days? Do the workers already get paid vacations? And finally, if inflation had remained at 2% instead of 8%, would the unions have demanded a 24% raise?

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

      “Unions are fine things… A strike should be the very last means for it is like war. It always falls on those who had nothing to do with calling it.” DT #2186, Aug. 6, 1933


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