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Sunday, December 25, 2011
ISSUE #687
Virginia says “No Santa for Newt”

Dec. 25, 2011

COLUMBUS: In the Christmas spirit, Republican Congressmen compromised with the Senate and President. The President wanted a 2-month Social Security reduction and the Republicans wanted 12. So they compromised on 2.

Workers will get to keep the $20 a week extra they have been getting since January, and it will be “paid for” by homeowners who take out a new mortgage over $200,000.  Let’s see if I got this straight; workers will get the same paycheck they got last year, but some homeowners will have to pay a new additional fee. And this is supposed to revive the economy?

Newt Gingrich has dropped a bit in the polls. Most Republicans say he would be the best debater against President Obama next fall. Only problem is, he has to get some votes first.

Newt got left off the Virginia ballot. He appealed, but Virginia said, “No, there is no Santa Claus.”

Ron Paul has a lead in Iowa. He’s about the only Republican who had not had a turn on top. The media have turned their guns on him, so his time as a front-runner will be short. The only surefire way to win is to make your move in the last day or two before the caucus, and hit the go-ahead basket with a second left in the game. To win Iowa, all it takes is about 35,000 folks with nothing better to do for 3 hours on a cold Wednesday night in January. But first you have to convince them, and that ain’t easy because they take Presidential politics serious.

The radical Muslims don’t care about Christmas or any other religious celebration, including their own. They killed dozens more in Nigeria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. It makes you feel sorry for the majority of Muslims who are as peaceful and friendly as the rest of us.

North Korea , Yemen, Egypt and Libya had a turnover at the top in 2011. If the dictators in Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and Syria could be persuaded to join them it would be a change for the better in world politics.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“This was a very happy Christmas for me. The shirts my wife gave me were the right size for the first time since wedlock. Of course, they were the wrong color, but if married, a man must not be too particular. For awhile it looked like I would spend a perfect Christmas. Then about noon a necktie arrived.” WA #108, Jan. 4, 1925

“If I had collected for every favorable joke I have told about each one of the candidates, and if I had been paid for (every joke) I had told against each one of them, I would be a millionaire.  I have said something good about them when they have done something good, and I have knocked them when they didn’t do so good.  That is why I am generally knocking them.”  WA #100, Nov. 9, 1924


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