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Sunday, November 15, 2020
ISSUE #1037
Voter fraud or Voter suppression

Here’s another topic Democrats and Republicans can’t agree on: Voter fraud. Should votes count if they were submitted by dead people or people who moved away?

Democrat election officials, plus a handful of Republicans, claim there wasn’t any fraud, and if a few votes by the recently deceased got counted, so what? A young man said, “Grandpa told me several times that he always voted Republican for President. But I guess after he went to heaven he saw the light and became a Democrat.”

Maybe they can compromise on a definition of voter fraud. Democrats claim that if only a few dozen mail-in ballots in a county shouldn’t be counted, it’s not really fraud. Republicans claim that for every dozen uncovered, there are probably a few hundred that sneaked through.

The problem comes in cleaning up the voter registration list. Should the dead be removed? Should ones who moved out of the area be removed? How about ones who haven’t voted for years and can’t be located? Of course! But any time officials try to clean up the rolls, shouts of “VOTER SUPPRESSION” drown them out.

In his speech last Saturday, apparent President-elect Joe Biden spoke about unifying and healing the nation after a contentious election. I presume he wants full cooperation and support from the current administration just like he and President Obama offered four years ago. Yeah, right.

Democrats are talking about shutting down the whole country for a month or more to eradicate Covid. I think that anyone who would continue to get paid during a shutdown should not be allowed to promote it.

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

“When you start out to educate people you are just about sunk before you start. I try to tell ’em these men are doing the best they can according to the dictates of no conscience, but it’s hard to change the old established idea of what the politician is.” WA #278, Apr. 22, 1928

“I am always kidding about something the Democrats did to the Republicans, and then I got the Republicans on my back. Then I will sing a praise of some Republican uprising, and I will have all the Democrats down on me. My junk is always controversial. That’s all because I haven’t got the range of knowledge, the background of reading, the literary foundation. There is just so much you can say in praise, or in reprimand of our Government. And when I just keep saying it over and over again, it don’t stand up like these other (writers). And don’t I know it.” WA #645, May 5, 1935


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