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Sunday, September 18, 2011
ISSUE #673
Warren Buffett and friends may fund Santa Claus

Sept. 18, 2011

COLUMBUS: Last week the President announced he wanted to play Santa Claus with $450 Billion, and this week he let us in on where the money is coming from: Warren Buffett.

Warren reportedly told the President that he needs to be taxed more on his capital. But you notice he only said it after he gave 95 percent of it to Bill Gates’ charity. Now, I don‘t blame him, and he and Bill will likely put it to better use than the president would.

But the president is going to be in for a terrible jolt. He was asked why he wants to tax millionaires, and he said, “We have to get it from those that have got it.” Well, Warren don’t got it. At least not $450 Billion.

So Mr. Obama will have to round up a few more millionaires for contributions. He might say to an Oklahoma oil millionaire, for example, “Don’t gamble your wealth by drilling more oil wells; let the government have it so we can invest in something more environmentally friendly and dependable, like a company building solar panels.”

They used to have a death tax of close to 100% on big millionaires and billionaires, but the problem today is they aren’t dying off quick enough. They keep hanging on and their money keeps piling up where the government can’t get ahold of it. And President really wants this money while he’s still in.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“There has been more “optimism” talked and less practiced than at any time during our history.  Every millionaire has offered a speech instead of keeping still and offering a job.  Our optimism is all at a banquet table, where everybody there has more than they can eat.” DT #1327, Oct. 24, 1930

 “They ain’t got a thing in the world the matter with ‘em only they are millionaires. You can’t legitimately kick on taxes when the money has been made. It’s taxes on farms, ranches and business property that has lost money for years (that) have the holler coming.” DT #2184, Aug. 3, 1933

“On an estate of say $10 million, why the government will take about 90 percent of it, and then giving the off-spring 10.  And then on estates of a 100 million, 200 million, a billion, and like that, well, the government just takes all of that and notifies the heirs, “Your father died a pauper here today, and he’s being buried by the Millionaires’ Emergency Burial Association.” Radio, April 28, 1935


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