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Saturday, September 22, 2012
ISSUE #726
Washington is living high on the hog

Newspaper headline says, “Incomes in DC region defy trends.”  Seven of the ten counties with the highest incomes surround Washington, DC. Did I miss something? Is Washington a major manufacturing center? Did Apple and Microsoft move there? Is that area known for highly productive workers?

Maybe we would be better off as a country if seven of the top ten counties were around Detroit, or Pittsburgh, or Des Moines. Jobs and high incomes should go to people who produce, not the ones who live off the taxes paid by ones who produce. About six weeks ago I suggested that if the price of a house in the region around Washington dropped a third like it has in other areas, that would be a good indication the country is headed in the right direction.

In Libya the majority of Muslims are so fed up with the radical Islamists who murdered our ambassador they attacked their headquarters and ran them out of town. Kinda like the old Western towns of 150 or so years ago, the town folk banded together and got rid of the riffraff that kept shooting up the place. Let’s encourage these peace-loving Muslims to band together and rid the world of the radicals who are living a hundred years behind civilization.

The President finally realized what the rest of us knew for days. The September 11attack in Libya was planned, not spontaneous. They can blame a third rate amateur movie about Mohammed for enraging the Islamic world, but terrorists don’t need any new excuses to start shooting. They’re still mad about incidents that happened a few hundred years ago. And speaking of bad movies, Hollywood has put out quite a few movies that could cause a legitimate protest, mainly by those who paid to see ‘em.

Congress left town without passing a “Farm Bill.” (Actually 80 percent of the farm bill appropriation goes for food stamps, not to farmers.) But don’t worry. Farmers won’t stop harvesting crops or milking cows or feeding hogs and chickens on October 1. They may complain to each other about a do-nothing Congress, but they won’t go on strike. And those food stamp debit cards will continue to pay for food the same as cash.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:
“History does not record as terrible a place as Washington is now. It is under government control, and if we can’t do anything with it, what kind of example are we setting for other cities?”

“Washington, DC, has an underground tunnel running from the government offices to the Capitol. That’s so when Senators and Congressmen receive their checks every month, they can get to their homes without someone arresting them for robbery.”

“No nation can tell another nation what they need to defend themselves. If I sleep with a gun under my pillow, I don’t want somebody from across the street to “advise me that I don’t need it.” DT #1913, Sept. 21, 1932


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