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Sunday, February 21, 2021
ISSUE #1051
Washington, Jackson and Dolly Parton

Tomorrow is George Washington’s birthday. February 22 was celebrated as a national holiday for many years. But rather than celebrate him, a lot of ignorant folks these days want to disown the Father of the Country.

Meanwhile in Washington (I don’t think they’ve changed the name yet), Congress and the President are talking about removing the wall. Democrats were elated, “Yes, tear down the wall.” Republicans were cheering, “Yes, remove the damn wall.” This sounds great. Unity!

However, on closer examination we learn the Republicans were referring to the wall around the Capitol, and Democrats want to tear down the wall on the border with Mexico. I guess the difference depends on who they want to protect.

President Biden spoke at a Zoom meeting of the G7. He proudly announced that our theme is no longer “America First.” It’s “America is Back.” The other six nations all cheered wildly. What they thought he said was “America is in the Back.” And whatever economic plans they come up with, we’ll pay for it.

Did you hear about the Dolly Parton statue? The Tennessee Legislature wants to have a statue of her at the Capitol in Nashville. She humbly declined, and I don’t blame her. Her statue needs to be in the U.S. Capitol! You may know that Oklahoma honored “me” with a statue. It’s next to the main entrance to the House. I said at the time, if you insist on giving me a statue, put it next to Congress so I can keep an eye on ‘em. Well, I would love to have Dolly right there beside me. While I’m watching ‘em, she can sing to them as they walk by.

But you may say, Tennessee already has their allotment of two statues. Now I hope “my” Cherokee blood is not making me prejudiced, but I’ve got a great solution: Dolly can replace Andrew Jackson. (see quotes)

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

          “There wasn’t any Republicans in Washington’s day. No Republicans, no Boll Weevil, no income tax, no cover charge, no disarmament conference, no luncheon clubs, no stop lights, no (radio), no head winds, no ticket speculators, no golf pants… My Lord, living in those days, who wouldn’t be great?” DT #803, Feb. 21, 1929

“Our foreign dealings are an Open Book, generally a Check Book.” WA #45, Nov. 18, 1923

“Well, to tell you the truth, I am not so sweet on old Andy (Jackson). He is the one that run us Cherokees out of Georgia and North Carolina… Old Andy, every time he couldn’t find any one to jump on, would come back and pounce onto us Indians. Course he licked the English down in New Orleans, but he didn’t do it till the war had been over two weeks, so he really just fought them as an encore. Then he would go to Florida and shoot up the Seminoles… Then he would have a row with the Government, and they would take his command and his liquor away from him, and he would come back and sic himself onto us Cherokees again.” WA #267, Feb. 5, 1928

“Spent the day in the mountains with my eastern Cherokee brothers, the ones that old Andrew Jackson wasn’t able to run out of this country.” DT #503, March 7, 1928


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