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Sunday, February 5, 2012
ISSUE #693
We get wind, Cuba gets oil

COLUMBUS: New York upset New England in the Super Bowl, 21-17, by playing great defense in the second half. The Giants have won 4 Super Bowls and the Patriots have lost 4. Do you suppose next year we might have a team in there that hasn’t made it before, say, the Cleveland Browns?

Meanwhile in politics, a fellow from New England got endorsed by a New Yorker. Yes, Donald Trump promised to sway his millions of followers to vote for Mitt Romney. Trump has billions of dollars, which makes Gov. Romney feel downright poor by comparison.

Romney won the Nevada caucus vote and Gingrich came in second. I think Romney could wrap up the nomination by announcing that, if elected, he would name Ron Paul the Director of the Budget. However, I heard a Republican voter in Florida say she wants Newt for the debates against Obama, and Romney to be the President.  I bet some Democrats would like Obama to give the speeches and let Hillary and Bill run the country.

Last fall a lot of prominent folks came out in support of Occupy Wall Street. If the mayor of New York (and other cities it spread to) had immediately shut down the rat and trash infested camps and sent everybody home it would have saved millions of dollars and let over-worked police get back to their real job of protecting the community. Instead it dragged on, and in Oakland and Washington, DC, young hoodlums now  “occupy” the Occupy movement.

Iran is kinda like those Occupiers. President Obama (and Bush before him) tried to talk nice to them about their plans for building a nuclear bomb, but talking has not worked because Russia and China are siding with Iran. Like a sore between your toes, if you don’t take care of it early, gangrene can kill you.

Our Columbus Dispatch newspaper today ran two stories side by side. In one, the Obama administration is close to allowing 400 wind turbines to be installed in the Atlantic Ocean from New Jersey to Virginia. In the other, Cuba is drilling oil wells 60 miles offshore from Florida which are expected to provide “billions of barrels of oil.”  Now I wonder, how many decades will the wind have to blow for those turbines to produce energy equal to that much oil?

Good news for our economy. We added 240,000 jobs last month. If this keeps up we won’t have to go back to horses just to put more people to work. Replacing cars with horses would create 20 million new jobs, including a million just cleaning up streets behind ‘em.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:
“Conditions win elections, not speeches… If things are bad by next summer and fall [the President] will get the blame without the Republicans making a single speech.”
 Radio, June 9, 1935

 “If everybody (traded his car for a horse) they would be out of debt in a couple of years. Just think, no gas, no tires, no roads to pay for.” DT #2043, Feb. 20, 1933


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