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Sunday, December 17, 2023
ISSUE #1186
Weekly Comments: A 51st State with 20 Million People. Harvard Sticks with President Gay.  Hold Your Breath.

You probably agree with me that illegal immigration is a problem for the country. It may surprise you that, according to a recent poll, only five percent of Democrats see it as a problem. I guess that means the other 95% support President Biden’s immigration policy.

I heard Senator Kennedy of Louisiana report that 8.4 million people have arrived here illegally since Biden was elected President in 2020. Do 95% of Democrats realize that if illegal immigration continues for another Biden term, the total would be around 20 million? You may say, ‘Well, our population is over 330 million; what’s another 20 million? After all, the US Chamber of Commerce says we need more of them to fill open jobs.’

Think of 20 million in a different way. Suppose all 20 million settled in one area and formed the 51st state. Whoa. Not even liberal states want to give away enough space for 20 million. But imagine that it happened.

This new 51st state would be our 3rd largest, tied with New York. That would add two more Senators, likely Democrats, and about 25 new Representatives. Can you imagine 25 more members of Congress like Omar, Tlaib, Bowman, Pressley and Ocasio-Cortez?

We are learning more about some of our top private universities thanks to three of their presidents who did not know that “genocide” means mass-murder. One resigned, but Harvard president Claudine Gay still has her job thanks to unanimous support from the Board of Trustees and 700 professors. I guess they agree with her that whether genocide is bad depends on the context.

Who funds private universities? You might be surprised to learn that we do. Of course, we know that state-supported “public” colleges, just like public schools, receive federal and state tax dollars. But Harvard and most other private colleges depend heavily on our federal taxes. Students depend on federal grants and federal-guaranteed loans. Professors apply for federal grants for research. Income earned from investing their endowments is not taxed. Harvard has $50 Billion invested. Maybe they should pay a 10% tax on capital gains. (You and I pay 15 or 20%.)

Here’s more on the Harvard President. Dr. Gay, a professor in African-American Studies, was elevated to her prestigious position 6 months ago despite writing only 11 refereed journal articles. And five were partly plagiarized. I checked out one of the eleven articles, 48 pages long. Her research, likely with a million-dollar, 3-year federal grant, concluded that legislators generally vote in agreement with their voters regardless of the racial makeup of their district. Wow, who would have guessed that!

If Dr. Gay was not president of Harvard, with an annual budget of $6 Billion, is there any other university, business, non-profit, or other entity that would hire her as their CEO?  I have a friend who was president of a small public college who is better qualified to run Harvard than she is. You might say that Harvard was determined to hire a black woman as President. Did they recruit Condoleezza Rice? Was no one better qualified than Dr. Gay available?

Since President Gay and 700 professors who agree with her are still there, I suggest that Harvard students who want to escape the chaos and bigotry apply to High Point University in North Carolina. If they are lucky enough to get accepted, they can rest assured no one will be praising genocide.

To wrap up tonight, I heard of research by British scientists that is just as obvious as Dr. Gay’s that I cited above. These esteemed scientists say that global warming can be solved by reducing the CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the air. And here’s the way to do it: we have to stop breathing.

Their “research” kinda verifies what most of us learned in grade school. In simple terms, we breathe in air, remove oxygen, and exhale CO2. Remarkably, plants do the opposite. They absorb CO2 from the air, remove the C (which is stored in the plants and their roots), and “exhale” oxygen. Lucky for us.

Many scientists have been saying we need to plant more trees to solve the problem. These Brits take the opposite approach. Global Warming would be stopped cold if we could convince about three billion people to stop breathing. Any volunteers?

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

“A college president’s work nowadays consists of thinking up new things for the students to play with that looks like studying.” DT #798, Feb. 15, 1929


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